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Top 3 Tips for Preventing FOD

Even small and seemingly harmless pieces of foreign object debris can cause serious damage to equipment, aircraft, vehicles, and personnel. In fact, the cost of FOD can rise to billions each year when systems, tires, and engines have to be repaired or replaced. However, the damage caused by FOD can be mitigated by employing the following tips.

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Fod Boss Runway Sweeper

The Ultimate Guide to Different Sweeper Systems

The FOD*BOSS is the choice of race tracks and military and civilian airfields around the world needing an efficient and reliable way to control foreign object debris. If you’re considering this superior system for your operations but aren’t sure which sweeper systems we offer are best for your needs, this guide will help.

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racetrack during sunset

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Race Tracks

The world of racing is enduring its share of the COVID-19 impact, especially as some of the year’s most highly anticipated races are being postponed or canceled altogether. While it may be easy for drivers to maintain social distancing on the racetrack, most of the concern is falling on their spectators—especially where most races come with tightly packed crowds and tailgates.

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aviation marshaller directing aircraft

How FOD Removal Improves Military Operations

Foreign object debris has posed costly problems for the aviation industry, and military aviation has certainly been no exception. However, many costs for repair and maintenance following foreign object damage are preventable with a strategy that includes the efficient and reliable removal of debris. Here’s how the proper removal of FOD can improve military operations.

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