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Here you will find a range of resources that have been specially developed to help you research about Foreign Object Debris (FOD), learn a bit more about the FOD*BOSS and what goes into making it the safest, fastest and most-effective airfield sweeper, guaranteed!
We have developed a series of eBooks, Videos, Case Studies and Whitepapers.  You will also find free smartphone wallpaper, desktop wallpaper, and brochures to download.  If you want a 2021 wall planner, email us and we can send you one.
Getting To Know Your FOD*BOSS







Let's take a deeper look into what makes a FOD*BOSS a FOD*BOSS.  A combination of exclusive critical safety design features designed to ensure your FOD sweeping operations are maximized.


Take a look at each of these critical safety design features so you can be sure you know what your airfield sweeper must have.  Download the eBooks using the buttons below.

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Getting The Best From Your FOD*BOSS








New to using your FOD*BOSS?  Here you can get some expert tips on how to FOD*BOSS like a master from a USAF FOD sweeping expert.


You can also learn how to amplify your sweeping success with our Duplex and Triplex systems.    Download the eBooks using the buttons below.           


FOD BOSS emptying

Debris Retention Blade

GroundForce Tow Hitch

Tips For FOD*BOSSing

Amplify Your Sweeping Success

FODStop Barrier System

Set Up Your FOD*BOSS

Designing an Effective FOD Program


Compare the FOD*BOSS Ultimate’s sweep time advantages to tailor greater efficiency in the areas of greatest FOD production.




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Cropped FODBOSS Sweep Time Infographic - CA

Each Aircraft Operating Area (AOA) has its own unique characteristics, so choosing the right sweeper for each area is important to maximize efficiencies, airfield operations while minimizing costs.  Understand how owning a FOD*BOSS increases efficiency and lowers costs, even if you want to keep using a mechanical sweeper.


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Cropped FODBOSS Choosing The Best Sweeper For The AOA Infographic - CA

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Download Brochure

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Watch The FOD*BOSS In Action
Animation comparison Vid without AS
FOD*BOSS Technology Summary
GroundForce Tow Hitch Installation
Triplex Timelapse
Triplex Set-up
Whitepapers and Case Studies
Foreign Object Debris and Damage Prevention






A Quick Look At How A Program To Control Airport FOD Is Most Effective

Foreign object debris (FOD) at airports can cause damage that costs airlines, airports, and airport tenants millions of dollars every year. FOD is any object that does not belong in or near airplanes and, as a result, can injure airport or airline personnel and damage airplanes. A FOD-prevention program of training, facility inspection, maintenance, and coordination between all affected parties can minimize FOD and its effects.

Review The Boeing Paper

Turbofan Damage 1
Foreign Object Debris Characterization at a Large International Airport





Foreign Object Debris (FOD) And Its Corresponding Damage Is A Well-Recognized Threat To Aircraft Safety.

In support of the Federal Aviation Administration FOD research program, the University of Illinois Center of Excellence for Airport Technology (CEAT) in cooperation with the staff of the Chicago Department of Aviation, O’Hare International Airport (ORD) Operations, initiated an effort to characterize the FOD found on active runways at a major civil airport. The primary objective of the study was to characterize FOD over time by analyzing the FOD collected by common mechanical FOD removal devices during routine runway inspections.

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FOD Fundamentals

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Training Video






A Deeper Look Into FOD And The Significant Risk Its Presents On An Airfield

Kindly presented by Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport


FOD Training Video


FAA FOD Advisory Circular




FAA Advisory Image


FAA Advisory On Airport Foreign Object Debris

The guidance in this AC is particularly applicable to airport owners and operators, air carrier station managers, and general aviation operators.   Individuals in these positions may then be able to communicate to apron crews, maintenance technicians, and aircraft servicing personnel the safety hazards posed by FOD.

Download FAA Circular

Eielson AFB Flightline FOD Cost Reduction After Implementing The FOD*BOSS


Eielson AFB Ramp FOD Report_Page_1


Eielson AFB Flightline FOD Costs

A review of the cost reductions achieved in the ramp area of the AOA at a USAF base after the FOD*BOSS Ultimate Airfield Sweeper was deployed.



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Designing An Effective Aviation FOD program



Designing An Effective Aviation FOD Program (CA)


A key to successful airside FOD management is establishing a well-designed and thorough FOD Management Plan.  He we have identified complements and suggestions to what your FOD management Plan can look like.


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FOD*BOSS Operator's Manual



FB2400-56 FODBOSS Operators Manual Hi Res


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What Is FOD?




Use Case Covers (1)

Use Case Covers (1)Download Now

Airfield Friction Sweepers Increase Airside Safety and Reduce Aircraft Damage


Use Case Cover - CA 2

Use Case Cover - CA 2Download Now

How to Maximise the Value of Your FOD*BOSS Ultimate Airport Sweeper Even Further


Use Case Cover CA 3

Use Case Cover CA 3Download Now

Is FOD A Problem And Why Is The Aviation Industry So Focused On It?



Use Case Cover - CA 4

Use Case Cover - CA 4

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Suggested Tender Specifications To Ensure You Can Choose The Safest, Most Effective, and Fastest Airfield Sweeper




A Specification List To Aid In Selecting The FOD*BOSS In Tender Processes
Download this specification list to identify requirements that ensure the safest, most effective, and fastest airfield sweeper is supplied. 

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In Development - Return Soon


Airfield FOD Sweeping: Expectations vs. Reality




A Critical Review of FOD Sweeping Options.
A number of expectations around cleaning and removing FOD from the AOAs are largely driven by the sweeping technology available and time limits around air movements.  With the FOD*BOSS, you don't have to compromise your expectations around effectiveness and time.
A Critical Review Of The Cost Implications Of Different FOD Sweeping Technologies


A Critical Review Of The Cost Implications Of Different FOD Sweeping Methodologies (CA)

A Critical Review Of The Cost Implications Of Different FOD Sweeping Methodologies (CA)

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In Development - Return Soon


What Is The Best Airfield Sweeper?




A Deeper Look At The FOD Sweeping Options

A range of FOD sweeping options are available to air bases, but often it is not a case of one size fits all.  In this whitepaper, we look at the relative merits of each technology and help guide your decision on a good combination of these, depending on the needs of your air base.


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Unsafe Imitation Airfield Sweepers Cost More To Own Than A Genuine FOD*BOSS



A Quick Look At How To Develop A Meaningful Comparison On Two Seemingly Similar Products
Sometimes it’s not always easy to compare two products that claim to achieve the same endpoint. Airfield sweepers are no different, so when considering the financial implications of any comparison, we have tried to make it easier for you in this easy to read whitepaper.


Is The Lack Of Forward Operating Speed Actually Preventing More Frequent Sweeping?






Is The Lack Of Forward Operating Speed Of Your FOD Sweeping System Actually Preventing More Frequent Sweeping (CA)

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Managing The FOD Load



Use Case Covers - Managing The FOD Load CA

Use Case Covers - Managing The FOD Load CADownload Now

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FOD*BOSS App User Manual




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