Buyer Beware of Unsafe Cheap Imitations

What Price Do You Put On Safety?


The FOD*BOSS may not be the cheapest friction mat sweeper, but we do guarantee it will be the safest!  We believe in free enterprise and fair competition.  However, as the inventor of the revolutionary friction mat sweeping system in 1994, we wish to issue an important note of caution relating to our equipment and accessories.  Cheap “knock-offs” that look deceptively similar to our equipment will not, and cannot, perform like a genuine USA and worldwide-patented FOD*BOSS.  Further, it has been demonstrated that these cheap imitations will unknowingly spill collected Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and create a dangerous hazard.  FOD removal is serious, and near enough is not good enough when protecting jet aircraft and lives.
Aerosweep FOD*BOSS systems are relied upon by every Air Force and have saved billions of dollars in damage over many years and possibly lives.
Always insist on genuine FOD*BOSS brand name products with an Aerosweep serial number.  Anything less than a FOD*BOSS is unacceptable, do not trust anything else.
What looks like a bargain may turn out to be unsafe and very expensive!
An imitation copy of a FOD*BOSS sweeper goes hand in hand with reduced safety to aircraft and people, a shorter lifecycle, and poor performance.  Safety in aviation is paramount, and FOD removal is a serious issue.  Highly sensitive military jets, commercial airlines, and airports, in general, should not jeopardize their safety by using imitation knock-off sweeping equipment.
FOD*BOSS Airport Sweepers are characterized by our unique and patented Debris Retention Blade™ ensuring the safest sweeper available. When teamed up with our  GroundForce™ Tow Hitch and FODStop™ Barrier System you have an unbeatable FOD removal system.  These are unavailable in any other runway sweeper.
Often the counterfeit sweepers break down and wear out after only a short time in use, despite their claims.  Picking up debris is one thing, but retaining it in the sweeper while slowing down, cornering and manoeuvring around obstacles is something different altogether.  Failure testimonials are available upon request.


See Why The FOD*BOSS Is Exceptional

Are Lowest-Cost Bids compromising airfield safety?
It has been said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”- Oscar Wilde, but when it comes to airport safety, creating an illusion of equivalence on the basis of appearance (a look-a-like) has significant safety ramifications and could cost a human life!  While this may sound a bit dramatic, when you fully understand what goes into making a FOD*BOSS perform like a FOD*BOSS, you will agree that choosing an airport sweeper based on price, may in fact be compromising airside safety.
Lowest-cost bids are a great way of saving money when the alternative products are equal in performance, efficiency, safety and life expectancy.  However choosing a product on price without understanding what you are missing out on by using this form of decision making, has the potential to escalate consequential costs beyond the level of savings.  At Aerosweep, we would like to provide you with a means of assessing a cheap imitation airport sweeper to help increase airside safety.
Not All Airfield Sweepers Are Created Equal
Every FOD*BOSS Ultimate Airfield Sweeper is the result of a continuous improvement programme spanning nearly 30 years.
Every FOD*BOSS includes our patented and exclusive critical safety design features, making it the safest, most effective, and most cost-effective airfield sweeper available. 
Often imitation sweepers will collect some debris only to spill it back onto the tarmac in large piles when the towing vehicle slows, corners, or stop/starts.  Alarmingly, the operator may not even be aware this is happening.  The operator may be creating a more dangerous FOD hazard on the tarmac or runway than not sweeping at all.
Take a look at this video that helps demonstrate just how unsafe a cheaper look-a-like can become.  It is a side-by-side comparison with the FOD*BOSS and also shows what is going on "under the mesh" of both sweepers.
Live Comparison
Other Factors To Consider
If the above videos haven't convinced you, then you may like to consider these other factors that ensure the FOD*BOSS Ultimate is much more cost-effective than purchase price might otherwise indicate:
  • Life-expectancy of the FOD*BOSS is greater than 4,500 miles or 7,200 kms

  • The FOD*BOSS is protected by a 10-year unconditional guarantee/warranty

  • Your purchase is also protected with free accidental damage cover.
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