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Remove Foreign Object Debris fast,
Increase safety, & slash your sweeping expenses.

What our Customers Say about the FOD*BOSS

‘I used the ‘FOD*BOSS product when I was in the F-14 community and it saved millions of dollars in damaged engines.
Once we received the FOD*BOSS we did not have another FOD damaged engine.

So with that, I say thank you!’ – U.S Military VAW-121 AMO

The FOD*BOSS was used to move the Space Shuttle from its horizontal hanger to the Vertical Assembly Building and believe me there has never been a cleaner tow path!

-J Seaman United Space Alliance, Cape Canaveral FL. USA

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Invented by us

See what makes our patented system

truly exceptional

Sweep up to 360,000 m2 per hour, 99%+ capture rate, 55 kph and more.

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  • Up to 7000 km of service
  • Single system measures 2.4m / 8ft wide
  • Can work at speeds of up to 40mph / 60kph
  • Unit is portable and folds away into a roller / storage bag in minutes
  • Ultimate includes an unconditional 10 year guarantee
Duplex Read More
  • Team up two FOD*BOSS units to cover a huge 4.8m (16ft)
  • Sweep up to 240,000 sq. metres (2.58 million sq. ft) per hour
  • Suitable for connecting directly onto a European style swan neck tow ball or 50 mm/ 2″ ball
  • Set up in minutes
Triplex Read More
  • Unprecedented sweep width of 7.3m (24ft) 
  • Can sweep up to 360,000 sq. metres (3.93 million sq. ft) per hour
  • Can be modified to sweep single or double FOD*BOSS units
  • Packs down into a compact storage unit / transport trailer

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Track and log your FOD*BOSS sweeping operations with the new FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker IOS and Android App The Ultimate FOD*BOSS App uses GPS technology to track your FOD sweep. Watch the FOD sweep live to increase efficiency of FOD collection.

Invented by us

See what makes our patented system

truly exceptional

Trailers and towing adaptors

Patented Design

The patented FOD*BOSS Phase 4 blade features new improvements to the debris retention system that prevents ‘forward spill’. A higher up-stand and an extra step in the blade face ensures FOD is collected, and importantly, retained, when slowing and stopping.

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Roller Bag

FOD*BOSS Roller Bags are now available with every bag supplied ensuring operator welfare is considered. You can now transport your FOD*BOSS to and from your operating vehicle without the heavy lifting.

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Barrier System

The new FODStop™ Barrier System ( PAT.APP.NO.AU.2015904568 ) is incorporated into the capture zones to assist in stopping collected debris from sliding sideways.

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GroundForce Hitch

The all-new FOD*BOSS GROUNDFORCE™ tow hitch is the latest innovation to the FOD*BOSS range allowing even faster and more efficient sweeping capabilities.

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Pintle Hook Adaptor

Our patented Pintle Hook Adaptor and Coupler Adaptor both have an adjustable Cam assembly that provides a perfect fit for military vehicles using a Pintle Hook or Coupler.

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