Our sweeping equipment is uniquely designed and uses exclusive patented technology to ensure Foreign Object Debris is collected and safely retained at all times.
See Why The FOD*BOSS Is Exceptional



See how the FOD*BOSS achieves its unrivalled FOD pick up and removal here.  With a sweeping speed of up to 40 mph (65 kph), nothing sweeps safer, better faster than a FOD*BOSS.


See Why The FOD*BOSS Is Exceptional

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FOD*BOSS Highlights Video

Foreign Object Debris Airfield Sweeper

"Our first FODBOSS unit in Atlanta was approximately 2 ½ years old and used daily. It’s estimated that the unit acquired between 8,000-8,500 miles of usage picking up an estimated 32,000 lbs. of debris (Potential FOD). Calculations were based on 800 + days of usage, 10 miles per day and 40 lbs. per day of debris collected. Today, we still believe in the FOD Boss and continue to use daily."
Operations Safety & Audit Manager, AirTran Airways, USA
"The FOD*BOSS was used for the space shuttle move from its horizontal hanger to the Vertical Assembly Building. Believe me there has never been a cleaner tow path! Thanks for your support."
J Seaman United Space Alliance, Cape Canaveral, Florida USA.
"Had a blast with the FOD*BOSS at Zone 5 today. I demonstrated it to the techs and drove it from gate to gate while working the aircraft. It was quite the attention getter. As expected everybody was impressed with the performance and there was no shortage of techs willing to sweep up the FOD.... "
Manager DTW/LMO North West Airlines
"I have used the FOD*BOSS product when I was in the F-14 community and it saved millions of dollars in FOD damaged engines. Once we received the FOD*BOSS, we did not have another damaged engine. So with that, I say thank you!"
"We really value the FOD Boss and are considering purchasing the second unit with the hitch to reduce the amount of time necessary on the runway. During our recent runway construction project it was used behind the contractors’ vacuum and rotary broom. It was surprising to see the how much it picked up that was missed by the other equipment. It’s been an invaluable asset that really increases the productivity of our small staff and enhances airfield safety. Thanks again."
Ops Manager McKinney National Airport
"Yesterday, I attended a Labor-Management Safety meeting, during which a performance review of the FOD Boss was presented. Many ORD upper management were in attendance.... You will be pleased to know that in three weeks, the FODBOSS has picked up over 600 lbs. of debris. In addition, some interesting material was found. Thousands of very small steel “pins” were trapped by the unit. These were so small that unless you were looking for them, you wouldn’t notice them on the ramp. Turns out, they came from the brushes the city uses to remove snow from the ramp areas.... Our management team is very impressed ..."
United Airlines
United Airlines

Watch The FOD*BOSS Full Version In Action Here

When protecting highly sensitive jet engines, there is no other FOD sweeper that comes close to the performance of our ULTIMATE  FOD*BOSS®.
This sweeper is our MIL-SPEC model and is fully equipped with critical patented features: Debris Retention Intake Blade, Triple Elevator Steps, and FODStop™ Barriers.
FOD Within A FODBOSS CompressedFOD Being Captured by The FOD*BOSS
BJC Goes Green on Ramp - Copy.JPG
Copy of Tymco trial 3.JPG
Essendon 2021 (2).jpg

See More Images Here

These unique features are the secret behind its unbeatable sweeping performance.  Also included is our FOD*BOSS GroundForce™ Tow Hitch, to keep your sweeper down on the tarmac even under extreme conditions, keeping collected FOD secure!

The FODBOSS Ultimate Airfield Sweeper Brochure (R)

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Every FOD*BOSS ULTIMATE Airport Sweeper includes:

Debris Retention Intake Blade
Triple Elevator Steps
FODStop™ Barrier System
FOD*BOSS GroundForce™ Tow Hitch
Pintle Hook Adaptor
GPS Sweep Tracker
Heavy Duty Mesh Cover
Heavy Duty Aero Brush
Additional Features Include:
  • 10 year Guarantee/Warranty
  • Impact Resistant Blade Design
  • Headwind Sweeping Capable
  • 10 Year Accidental Damage Cover

Sweep Your Airport Safer, Better, Faster!


Commercial aviation is perhaps one of the true global activities as countries, businesses and people rely on airports and airlines around the world to provide fast, efficient, and most importantly, a safe flying experience. A key to successful commercial operations is the ability to provide a cost-effective, profitable, and safe AOA using ground support that is at the top of their game.  When you are a part of that high-performing ground-support team, with expensive aircraft and thousands of people to protect every single day, you need a FOD Sweeping system to match! 

FOD Locations

Aerosweep understands that at commercial airports, airlines, passengers demand safe operating conditions.  We also acknowledge you operate under tight time restrictions, such as FOD sweeping.
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Even with something as ubiquitous to aviation as FOD, we know your FOD removal needs demand the best possible performance delivered within the shortest time available.  We understand that modern commercial jet aircraft tend to be very FOD-sensitive, just because jet engine intakes are close to the ground and they are exposed to the high levels of FOD being created at a busy apron. We also know you are very, very sensitive to that.
With almost daily FOD challenges, you demand a sweeping system that can also go the distance.
This is why we designed our FOD*BOSS to provide an unrivalled FOD pick-up rate combined with speed and low cost. The FOD*BOSS lets you sweep better and faster!
We invented the friction sweeper that created the FAA standards.  Now we go beyond those standards to provide you with the safest, most-effective airport sweeper, guaranteed!
The FOD*BOSS changed aviation airfield sweeping forever back in 1994 and has been protecting every major airport, airline, and air force ever since.  The FOD*BOSS Ultimate is the answer to achieving your FOD control goals.   


See Why The FOD*BOSS Is Exceptional

The Challenges Of FOD Control At Busy Airports

FOD is an ever-present issue that must be battled on a daily basis without interrupting the day-to-day operations of an airport.  Everyone is expecting their aircraft operating areas (AOAs) to be FOD free regardless of your airfield’s location or volume of air movements. 

Perhaps the greatest challenge that airfields face is managing the impact that FOD sweeping processes can have on scheduled aircraft movements.  The FOD*BOSS Ultimate supports efficiency and safety, as well as airport profitability.

The FOD*BOSS’s agility and flexibility make it the perfect sweeping system for your busy apron and aircraft replenishment areas, in close proximity to parked aircraft and working personnel.

Improve AirFIELD Safety

The FOD*BOSS Airport sweeper increases airfield safety by effectively sweeping and retaining FOD from all AOAs.  Foreign object debris, or FOD, causes billions of dollars in damage every year.  Objects as small as dirt and fine sand grains through to chunks of pavement, metal washers, screws, luggage zipper parts, and handles can damage aircraft and jet engines, as well as cause injury to aircrew, and airbase personnel.  FOD management at airbases is a big deal, but it can be costly and time-consuming.
What you need is equipment that maximizes FOD prevention, minimizes airfield disruption, can be rapidly deployed, and yet has a low operating cost.  The FOD*BOSS puts you and your team back in control of FOD management.



Designed to Maximize Safety and Minimize Disruption

Have you noticed that different parts of your airside areas have different FOD production rates?  In addition, aircraft movements make some areas difficult to sweep as they are in constant use.  These areas, such as taxiways and runways, either have to be left to the end of the day or the before the first planned aircraft movement.  But how do you deal with FOD that makes its way onto these areas in the middle of the day? Turbofan Damage 1
This is where the FOD*BOSS helps you become the master of airside FOD.  It can be easily deployed in minutes and due to its high-speed operational capability, can provide sweeping at maximum airside speed limits.
The FOD*BOSS has been designed with a forward operating speed range of 3 mph to 40 mph (5 kph to 65 kph) while providing an unrivaled FOD pick-up and retention rate.  In addition, it can sweep up to 5,107,475 ft2 (474,500 m2) in a single hour!
The FOD*BOSS, our airport FOD sweeper, is so effective it can be used as your primary FOD sweeping tool for all AOAs, or in combination with your sweeper truck.  
FOD damage to a jet engine

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Cost is always a factor when considering the purchase of new or replacement equipment.  However, we both know that acquisition price is completely different to the cost of ownership.  Often a low purchase price is accompanied with lower quality and lesser effectiveness.  With the FOD*BOSS, this is not the case!  The low cost of the FOD* BOSS means it is affordable for even the smallest airports, allowing access to the same high standards of FOD control as those implemented by larger airports without the high capital and service costs of complex machinery.   Regional Airports and small General Aviation Airports can now afford to have FOD sweeping equipment available 24 hours a day.  Airline maintenance facilities will find the FOD*BOSS indispensable in ensuring FOD-free hard stand areas.
Combine our price with our unique features and life expectancy and you will see the FOD*BOSS is the safest, most effective and cost-effective airport sweeper available.  There is no substitute for safety, so contact us to see just how the FOD*BOSS compares from a total cost of ownership perspective to other FOD sweeping systems.Request A Quote

Available Sweeper Systems

Choose your product and review the different systems we have to help make your debris sweeping more efficient and effective

   AOA Sweep Times

Example Sweep Time Savings Possible
Runway Length:         2300 m (7,546 ft)
Runway Width:                45 m (    197 ft)
Sweep Time:                44:24 (MM:SS)
Runway Length:         2300 m (7,546 ft)
Runway Width:                45 m (    197 ft)
Sweep Time:                23.158 (MM:SS)
Compare Your AOA Sweep Times
Runway Length:         2300 m (7,546 ft)
Runway Width:                45 m (    197 ft)
Sweep Time:                16:12 (MM:SS)
Why The FOD*BOSS Is So Special
The FOD*BOSS includes four critical safety design features that are deemed so important to your FOD sweeping success, we have protected them with patents.  These safety design features are unavailable in any other airfield sweeper system.phase-4-31
The FOD*BOSS airport sweeper is designed to provide an unrivaled FOD pick-up rate, be easy to operate and ensure your team’s productivity is maximized.
The FOD*BOSS is available in three sizes.  The standard Single sweeper can effectively sweep 1,707,156 ft2 (158,600 m2) in a single hour; by comparison, a typical suction sweeper covers around 475, 675 ft2 (44,200 m2) within the same time frame.  We also carry the Duplex model and a Triplex model.
See how your AOA sweep times compare to a street sweeper using each of our three configurations here. 
Compare Your AOA Sweep Times
Combining speed and effectiveness are just two of the many reasons why the FOD*BOSS Ultimate is relied upon by airports and airlines around the world.  Delta Airlines, for example, reported "We have done extended trials of all FOD equipment and the FOD*BOSS is clearly the most effective tool”. Now that's high praise indeed!  The FOD*BOSS is the perfect FOD sweeper for all your tarmac cleaning needs, as well as in areas where agility and flexibility are operational priorities.
Who wants ordinary when you can have special?



Built for All Weather Conditions
Pilots fly passengers in all kinds of weather, so your FOD sweeping system should be able to operate in all kinds of weather as well.  The FOD*BOSS has been designed to operate in both wet and dry conditions, with the same unrivaled pick-up rate.  Now, regardless of the weather, you can ensure your AOAs have been swept effectively and efficiently.  It doesn’t matter if it is raining or a beautiful sunny day.  Do you have to deal with high winds?  The specially designed and patented GroundForce™ Tow Hitch keeps the FOD*BOSS tracking straight and true behind the towing vehicle, in both headwinds, as well as crosswinds.
Aviation FODBOSS in the wet
This means the FOD*BOSS will always be available when it's needed most.  Easily deployed within minutes, it is the perfect FOD removal tool for airfield operations when only the best performance is acceptable.
Between sweeps, the FOD*BOSS can be stored flat, hung on a wall using one of our wall hangers (FB2400-129) or rolled up and placed in a carry bag with roller wheels (FB2400-40).  Always there, always ready.





FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker App:  Level Up Your Airfield Data Acquisition
The days of manual FOD sweep tracking are over. The FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker app brings real-time data and intelligent features to your fingertips, optimizing your airside operations.
Here's what you get:
  • Real-time FOD*BOSS Tracking:  Utilize on-screen GPS to visualize your sweeper's exact location and path during operation. No more guesswork – identify cleared zones and optimize sweep patterns for maximum efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Data Capture:  The app automatically calculates key metrics like distance swept (both imperial and metric units), area covered, and even estimated debris weight (including weight collected per 10,000 square meters).
  • Secure, Centralized Logging:  All sweep data is securely transferred to your account after each operation.  This eliminates the need for paper logs and ensures data integrity.
  • Actionable Insights:  Access historical sweep data within the app or online portal.  Analyze trends, compare FOD collection across zones, and identify areas that might require more attention.
  • Enhanced Communication & Collaboration:  Share sweep data securely with colleagues or external parties if needed.  Promote transparency and facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Seamless Integration:  The FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker App integrates seamlessly with existing workflows.  Data can be exported in various formats (on-screen view with multimedia options, Excel download via email, etc.) for further analysis.
FOD Management Made Simple:
The free FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker App empowers you to elevate your FOD management strategy.  By leveraging real-time data and intelligent tools, you can:
  • Maximize Sweeping Efficiency: Optimize sweep patterns and resource allocation based on real-time data.
  • Improve Decision-Making: Gain actionable insights from historical sweep data to identify trends and prioritize areas.
  • Enhance FOD Detection & Collection: Track progress in real-time to ensure comprehensive FOD removal.
  • Strengthen Communication & Collaboration: Facilitate information sharing and keep stakeholders informed.
Download the FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker App today (iOS & Android) and experience the future of data-driven FOD management.
App on A Phone
FOD collection is critical for any airport, whether it’s a small commercial airport, international airport, or Air Force facility.  Broken pavement, stones, metal, sand, and even pieces of luggage can put aircraft at risk.  The FOD*BOSS app allows you to use our Foreign Object Debris system, which we invented in 1994, with greater precision and reliability.  Best of all, it is free to download and use, and then you can track all your FOD sweeping and removal operations from a single device.
Download our app today from the Apple App Store or Google Play via the respective icons below. The user manual is available for free by clicking the link below so you can get started right away!
app-store-logo 1


Google Play


The FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker App helps track sweep operations via GPS and displays your sweeping progress on a map in real-time, with distances travelled, area covered and weight of debris collected automatically calculated.
Warranty Protection
The FOD*BOSS Ultimate carries an unprecedented 10-year guarantee/warranty.  This is longer than its typical expected service life at a busy airfield.  Our unconditional 10-year guarantee covers faulty materials and manufacturing.  Further, our comprehensive accidental damage cover provided with every FOD*BOSS Ultimate, means we will repair the equipment free-of-charge and/or supply the parts and materials needed for repairs.  You can rest assured the FOD*BOSS has been built to handle the toughest conditions, and its performance will never let you down.  Please refer to our full 10-year guarantee/warranty.

See Why The FOD*BOSS Is Exceptional


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