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Duplex Sweeper System


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Duplex Hi Res 500 x 806
Sweep Safer | Better | Faster
The 16 ft/4.88 m wide FOD*BOSS Duplex system provides everything you need to manage Foreign Object Debris (FOD) quickly and easily on all your AOAs.  The FOD*BOSS collects dangerous debris with an unrivalled pick-up rate, from anything as small as sand grains to nuts and bolts, nails, stones, and even loose pieces of pavement.  It can remove any metallic or non-metallic foreign objects, including hardware components left behind from luggage.
FOD BOSS Duplex 1
With twice the sweep area of the single system, you can increase your team's productivity and reduce sweeping expenses.
With the same ability to be deployed in just minutes by a single operator, the Duplex system has no special vehicle requirements and can be used by the same airside vehicle as the single system.
The FOD*BOSS Duplex is compact, portable, and maintenance-free.  It comes with its own storage and carry/roller bag system to make transporting a breeze.
Amplify your sweeping success while also cutting your sweep times, increasing productivity and reducing FOD sweeping costs.
The FOD*BOSS Duplex airfield sweeper system offers many benefits:
Just How Efficient Is The FOD*BOSS Duplex System?
With the same forward operating speed range from 3 mph (5 kph) up to 40 mph (65 kph) the FOD*BOSS Ultimate Duplex airfield sweeper can sweep an area up to 5,462,900 ft2 (507,520 m2).  That's over 57 times greater than your average sweeper truck.  Just think of those productivity gains! 
FB Duplex Sweep Area Comparison @ 65 kph
FODBOSS Sweep Time Infographic
Compare Your AOA Sweep Times
Why The FOD*BOSS Is Exceptional
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The FOD*BOSS Duplex Airfield Sweeper Offers many benefits:
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Rapid Deployment

The FOD*BOSS deploys in just minutes with your preferred tow hitch.  The FOD*BOSS is perfect for a rapid response to a FOD event, as much as it is for improving routine FOD sweeping efficiency and productivity.
The FOD*BOSS provides excellent coverage to maximize efficiency, whether used on asphalt, concrete, or grooved fine-textured spray seal surfaces.
FB 20

High-Speed Sweeping

The FOD*BOSS can be operated from 5 kph (3 mph) to 65 kph (40 mph) assisting with efficient sweeping of all AOAs quickly and with an unrivalled FOD pick-up rate.
FB 21

Towed By Any Vehicle

The FOD*BOSS can be connected to any vehicle equipped for towing, including battery-powered vehicles.
Requiring only one person to operate, this helps improve productivity in your Operation's team.
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Long Service Life

The FOD*BOSS Single airfield sweeper is designed for up to 4,500 miles (7,000 km) of service, in both dry and wet conditions.
This is backed up by our Ten-Year guarantee and warranty and your purchase is protected by our lifetime accidental repair damage cover  To achieve maximum service life we recommend you sweep often and empty the FOD*BOSS regularly.  Importantly, do not overload it. 
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Unrivalled FOD Collection Efficiency

Our exclusive Debris Retention Blade™ is designed to capture debris earlier and at all sweeping speeds.  Triple Elevator Steps help move debris up and over a Debris Retention Barrier and into FOD capture zones with our exclusive FODStop™ Barriers to prevent transverse movement of FOD during cornering.
FOD BOSS emptying
Easy Emptying
Emptying the FOD*BOSS is a simple process of  lifting and shaking the rear of the sweeper.
All collected debris will be available for analysis or simple disposal using your preferred method.
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