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Eliminating FOD just got easier – The FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker

Free, easy to use, increases efficiency, logs data

Track and log your FOD*BOSS sweeping operations with the new FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker IOS and Android App The Ultimate FOD*BOSS App uses GPS technology to track your FOD sweep. Watch the FOD sweep live to increase efficiency of FOD collection.

How does it work?

  • Select either Single, Duplex, Triplex FOD*BOSS sweep or FOD WALK option
  • Calculates distance Swept
  • Calculates area covered
  • Records time, date, who has swept, distance and area covered and debris collected with a secure login
  • Compare and monitor FOD sweeps within the History function on the phone or on line
  • Share information with others in your network or opt to make information public


Search ‘FOD BOSS’ in your App store or use the links below



Download FOD*BOSS APP User Manual


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