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The FOD*BOSS is a unique and patented airfield tarmac sweeper designed to remove Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from aircraft movement surfaces with amazing speed and efficiency.

There is no ‘equal’ to the FOD*BOSS system.

It was invented by the company founder, Warwick Tozer in 1994 and consists of heavy duty brushes that activate FOD using the force of friction which is then collected by rows of specially designed and formulated impact resistant Aerothane blades to assist in the collection and retention of debris. (PAT.NO.U.S. 8,839,878,B2).

The FOD*BOSS performs better than any sweeper seen before. From its high collection capabilities to its amazing speed and unrivalled efficiency, it is the ultimate FOD sweeper.

A virtually maintenance free tarmac sweeper capable of removing dangerous material such as rocks, metallic or non-metallic objects, luggage hardware and even sand, that has a sweep width of 2.4m/8ft, 4.8m/16ft, and 7m/22ft and operates at speeds up to 40kph/25 mph in wet or dry conditions.

This patented sweeping system is available worldwide via a network of distributors and includes an unconditional lifetime money back guarantee on performance and durability.

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