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Foreign Object Debris, or FOD, presents a major risk to aircraft. Metallic and non-metallic objects pose serious hazards on runways, taxiways, and ramps at airports and airfields, and cause billions of dollars in damage each year. Stones, nuts and bolts, nails, sand, pieces of pavement, and luggage hardware can cause serious, and even catastrophic, damage to aircraft. Aerosweep has just the solution to sweep up and remove FOD, with its patented FOD sweeper.

Aerosweep Pty Ltd invented the FOD*BOSS is 1994, but its history of developing speed sweeping solutions goes back more than 30 years. In 2002, it won the Aviation Safety Foundation of Australia’s certificate of air safety award for this innovative product. The company’s product has been adapted for use with road construction projects, military operations, race tracks, and in general aviation.

Growing as a Worldwide Distributor

Today, the FOD*BOSS is trusted throughout the world via a global network of partners. Partners throughout North America, Oceana, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America work with customers in the aviation industry and other markets.

The Airfield Sweeper products are backed by an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. Aerosweep’s goals of helping with FOD prevention are extended to partners and end users with materials distributed via PDF, Web, and video resources.

A Lifeline of FOD Management Solutions

To support the FOD*BOSS, Aerosweep has introduced additional products such as:

  • Groundforce™ Tow Hitch: A wind-resistant hitch that keeps the FOD*BOSS secure to the tarmac as it’s tracked behind the vehicle.
  • Debris Retention Blade™: Elevator ribs move FOD up and over retaining barriers to effectively capture debris, in order to maximize retention.
  • FODStop™ Barrier System: Built into capture zones, FODStop barriers help prevent debris from sliding sideways and keep debris spaced during cornering so it’s collected properly.

Aerosweep also offers a duplex hitch and Triplex trailer to sweep even wider areas. By doubling or tripling sweeping capacity, customers have ensured a more effective and cost-efficient purchase.

The FOD*BOSS Advantage

The FOD*BOSS is a unique and patented airfield tarmac sweeper designed to remove Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from aircraft movement surfaces with amazing speed and efficiency.

There is no ‘equal’ to the FOD*BOSS system.

It was invented by the company founder, Warwick Tozer in 1994 and consists of heavy-duty brushes that activate FOD using the force of friction, which is then collected by rows of specially designed and formulated impact resistant Aerothane™ blades to assist in the collection and retention of debris. (PAT.NO.U.S. 8,839,878,B2).

The FOD*BOSS performs better than any sweeper seen before. From its high collection capabilities to its amazing speed and unrivaled efficiency, it is the ultimate FOD sweeper.

This is a virtually maintenance-free tarmac sweeper capable of removing dangerous material, such as rocks, metallic or non-metallic objects, luggage hardware and even sand, that has a sweep width of 2.4m/8ft, 4.8m/16ft, and 7m/22ft and operates at speeds up to 40kph/25 mph in wet or dry conditions. Operating using the force of friction, the FOD sweeper can be used on concrete, asphalt, or smooth or grooved fine-textured spray seal.

This patented sweeping system is available worldwide via a network of distributors and includes an unconditional lifetime money-back guarantee on performance and durability.

What Sets Aerosweep Apart from the Rest?

The company has many years of experience in the sweeping of FOD on runways and other surfaces, everywhere from small airstrips to international airports. Its FOD sweeper is portable and can be used by one person. Towed by battery-powered vehicles, the FOD*BOSS is environmentally clean, silent, durable, and adaptable to a variety of surfaces.

Aerosweep offers a full equipment catalogue. Maintaining close ties with its network of dealers and distributors, it is committed to customers getting the most out of its FOD management products and maintaining them over the long term. Lasting for thousands of kilometres,the FOD*BOSS offers consistent performance, as it automatically adjusts as it wears. It also requires no maintenance, saving airfield personnel valuable time and effort.

For inquiries and information, submit your message online or contact our Victoria, Australia office at +61(0)3 9894 2100, info@aerosweep.com www.fodboss.com

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