How does the FOD*BOSS achieve an unrivalled FOD pick-up rate?

Our exclusive and patented critical safety design features are the difference between the "ordinary" and the safest, fastest, and most-effective airport sweeper, guaranteed! 
Every FOD*BOSS Ultimate Air Force sweeper includes not just one, but five rows of our exclusive debris intake blades and FOD capture zones, that incorporate our critical safety design features.
That's the equivalent of running five sweeper trucks over the same area at the same time!


Who wants ordinary when you can have special?

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Military-grade FOD sweeping demands unique patented technology.  Every FOD*BOSS Ultimate Air Force Sweeper incorporates four critical safety design features that ensure your FOD sweeping operations are at the top of their game.  These four elements are so critical to your successful debris removal operations, we have worldwide patents protecting them. 
Critical Safety Design Features Explained

Triple Elevator Steps with FOD and Arrow


Triple Elevator Steps
  • Only available on a FOD*BOSS.

  • Help the pick-up of FOD at slower speeds such as when navigating around parked aircraft or stopping and starting on a busy apron.

  • The Triple Elevator Steps critically hold the FOD which hasn’t yet made it up the scoop’s face, and prevents it from sliding back down during a deceleration phase, and back onto the tarmac.
Debris Retention Intake Blade
  • Only available on a FOD*BOSS.

  • The Debris Retention Intake Blade keeps debris secure within the sweeper.

  • Especially important when sweeping over expansion joints, or a grooved runway.


Debris Retention Barrier With FOD and Arrow


FODStop Barriers With FOD


FODStop™ Barrier System
  • The FODStop Barriers prevent the transverse movement of FOD within the capture zones.

  • They prevent the escape of FOD from the side of the sweeper during cornering manoeuvres.

  • This simple design feature can have a big effect on the quality of your FOD sweeping operations.
FOD*BOSS GroundForce™ Tow Hitch
Specifically designed to:
  • Keeps your FOD*BOSS on the ground enabling even higher operating speeds, providing sweep speeds from 3 mph (5 kph) up to 40 mph (65 kph).

  • Ensure the sweeper tracks straight and true behind the towing vehicle and prevents “drifting” wide when towing around corners.

  • Provide a greater ability to match the height of the vehicle’s towing point with the correct adjustment for down force.

  • Allows the tow hitch to stay attached to the FOD*BOSS when it is rolled up for storage between sweeps.


ground force


pintle copy


Pintle Hook Adaptor
Designed for easy attachment and secure fitting while maintaining full functionality of the GroundForce™ Tow Hitch.
Unique Aerosweep design uses stabilizer bolts and nuts which can be tightened against the pintle hook and an off-centre cam to tighten against the pintle hook.
Want to know how the materials we use help to make the FOD*BOSS truly exceptional?
The materials used in the manufacture of every FOD*BOSS have been carefully developed and tested to ensure that their performance in providing an unrivaled FOD sweeping experience is optimal.
Download our brief explanation to understand a bit more into what helps make the FOD*BOSS truly exceptional.

The FODBOSS AeroBrush and Aerothane Advantage (r)


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