Calculate The Time Savings The FOD*BOSS Can Achieve At Your Race Track


We have created a nice little calculator that helps you compare each of our FOD*BOSS Tracksweep systems to a sweeper truck in terms of the time required to complete a full circuit, pit and staging area sweep.  Simply enter your track's dimensions into the input fields below.  This will help you understand the time and productivity gains possible, but also see which of our systems is best suited for the size of your circuit.
Remember, each Duplex and Triplex system can also be used as single sweepers, helping you achieve greater debris sweeping flexibility through smarter configurations.  This is all about helping you spend your budget appropriately for maximum results using the FOD*BOSS, the safest, fastest and most-effective race track sweeper, guaranteed!

Compare Sweep Times


Calculate the time savings possible when using the FOD*BOSS Ultimate Race Track Sweeper compared to a street sweeper, for any of your circuit's operational surfaces.

Already Have a FOD*BOSS?

Using this calculator, we can work out the productivity gains your Operations Team can enjoy by upgrading yourstopwatch_PNG102 FOD*BOSS Single sweeper to either a Duplex or Triplex system.  These easy upgrades help you amplify your sweeping results and Team's outputs.  Helping you achieve more with the same team!

Already Invested in a Sweeper Truck?

This calculator is also designed to help you decide if adding a FOD*BOSS to the equipment pool for FOD sweeping helps you better utilise the investment you have already made.  The FOD*BOSS is quite capable of being your only sweeping system, in fact many of the major circuits around the world rely on just the FOD*BOSS.  However, many others also realise the FOD*BOSS offers much greater flexibility for those areas or times a sweeper truck is too large, cumbersome or time consuming.  Use this calculator to help build your financial justification for buying that FOD*BOSS or even upgrading to one of our multi-sweeper configurations.



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