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Setting Up The FOD*BOSS

A Quick & Visual Guide To Setting Up & Using Your New FOD*BOSS Ultimate Airfield Sweeper


The FOD*BOSS Airfield friction sweeper changed aviation tarmac cleaning forever in 1994 and has been protecting every major Air Force, Airport and Airline ever since. 

To help you get the most out of your FOD*BOSS and to help you to get underway in the shortest time, put together a quick and visual guide on how to unpack your FOD*BOSS  and start getting the results that only a FOD*BOSS can provide. 

We also recommend you read Tips For FOD*BOSSing which was written by a Master Sergeant of the USAF, to provide some simple tips and recommendations that may help you in your own efforts and take full advantage of the FOD*BOSS Ultimate’s many benefits that make it the safest, most effective airfield sweeper, guaranteed.

Military Aviation FODBOSS Triplex at Avalon

Initial Unpacking Of Your FOD*BOSS From The Shipping Carton

Your FOD*BOSS will arrive in a cardboard carton.  Inside this carton will be your FOD*BOSS sweeper with all its critical safety design features.  Here is a list of what is contained in the carton*:


  2. Gloves

  3. Operating Manual

  4. GroundForce Tow Hitch

  5. Carry Strap

If you also ordered a Storage Roller Bag, (FB2400-40) either separately or as part of your FOD*BOSS, then this will have been placed inside the carton as well.

It is important to check that everything that is listed above is in the carton it was delivered in.  Every unit is QA checked prior to packing and shipping, so it is critical that if anything is missing, we are notified immediately.  Please note that some items are rolled up inside your sweeper, so please unpack everything prior to contacting us.

While there is no assembly required, we recommend that when laying out the carton contents, set everything out so it is easily identified.

* FB2400-0GF

Unrolling Your FOD*BOSS

In a clear flat space, slide your FOD*BOSS out of the carton.  Next, unlatch the carry straps and unroll the FOD*BOSS until it is entirely flat.  Take note of the direction in which it unrolled to make it easier to roll it back up (in reverse order).

On the unrolled FOD*BOSS, you will find the remaining components including the free set of Gloves, the operating manual, and a registration card.

Place all of these in a safe location.  The registration card contains instructions on how to register your sweeper online with Aerosweep.  This is an important step to ensure your 10-Year Warranty/Guarantee and Accidental Damage Cover is activated.

Now position your sweeper so it is close behind your towing vehicle.  The Next step is to attach the GroundForce™ Tow Hitch

Attaching the GroundForce™ Tow Hitch

Attaching the GroundForce Tow Hitch to your vehicle is a simple and straight forward procedure:

  1. Ensure your vehicle has the proper trailer tow ball or pintle hook before you attempt to use the FOD*BOSS. If you have to modify your vehicle to tow the FOD*BOSS be sure you have the proper permission to do so.

  2. Ensure the swing arm of the GroundForce Tow Hitch isGFTH With Callouts unattached to the main towing arm.

  3. Now attach the GroundForce Tow Hitch to your vehicle’s towing point and secure it with the corresponding pins supplied.

  4. The next step is to attach the GroundForce Tow Hitch to your FOD*BOSS sweeper.  On one end of the hitch you will see a hole drilled into the centre of the square bar.  Line this up with the “C-Bracket” on the front leading edge of the sweeper.  Take the “push-pin” and press this through the top hole of the “C-Bracket” and through the tow hitch and out the bottom of the “C-Bracket”.  It will self-lock into place.

  5. Next, measure your vehicle’s towing point from the ground as per the diagram.

  6. On the main tow arm, you will see a series of cross-drilled holes that correspond to the height you have measured.  With the upper section of the swing arm parallel to the ground, set the swing arm into the corresponding hole by  inserting and securing the supplied pin.

    Note:  Never force the swing arm into a lower position as this may create too much downward pressure on the sweeper.

  7. The correct height of the tow hitch is determined by ensuring the bottom of the hitch adapter is four inches (50 mm) above the ground, while the swing arm is parallel with the ground. See below photo.


This is a fairly common mistake.  There is a label on the hitch to remind you not to do this.  Make sure all your personnel are aware of it or damage may result.

Close up of Poly Bump

Storing Your FOD*BOSS

Your FOD*BOSS can be easily stored by rolling it back up (after you have emptied all FOD from your sweeper).  The following process is recommended to ensure everything remains with the sweeper and is available for the next time you need to use it.

  1. Disconnect your FOD*BOSS GroundForce Tow Hitch from the towing vehicle.  Rotate it so it sit parallel to the front of your sweeper.

  2. Place the GroundForce Tow Hitch so that it sits on top of the sweeper mesh cover in a flat position.  You will need to unlatch the swing arm to do this.

  3. Beginning at the front, roll the sweeper up towards the rear keeping the roll as tight as reasonable.

  4. Once this is complete, you can reattach the carry straps and adjust them so the FOD*BOSS remains rolled up.

  5. Now you can place your  FOD*BOSS into the storage bag if you have one, and onto the back of your towing vehicle for transporting to the designated storage area.

FB2400-40 Carry and Roller Bag

    Thank you for your interest in our FOD*BOSS® Airfield Sweeping System and our four patented critical safety design features.  While we only discussed two of them in this eBook, the others will be covered in our next eBooks.

    Our FOD*BOSS friction sweeper changed aviation tarmac cleaning forever in 1994 and has been protecting every major Air Force, Airport and Airline ever since.

    The FOD*BOSS Ultimate’s many benefits make it the safest, most effective airfield sweeper, guaranteed.

    The FOD*BOSS is fully equipped with our exclusive and unique critical safety features that are the secret behind its unbeatable performance and essential to your successful FOD removal operations. 

    These are unavailable with any other sweeper.   

    Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying at our website confirming our system is truly exceptional.


    Aerosweep believes it is only by ensuring your friction sweeper contains the technology covered in this answer, can you rest assured your sweeping operations are using the safest and most effective airfield sweeper, guaranteed!  Now that’s kind of special, don’t you think?