The FOD*BOSS: The Ultimate Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Sweeper

FOD Control for Airports, Military, Roads, and Race Tracks

Small items on heavily traveled surfaces can be highly problematic. From fragments of pavement and stone to nuts, bolts, nails, sand, and pieces of luggage hardware, FOD can do significant damage to aircraft, road construction equipment, and motor vehicles (not to mention put people in harm’s way) in situations that can be extremely dangerous.

Our patented FOD sweeper is the fastest most efficient friction sweeper available collecting 99% of debris and is compact and very portable. It is designed to collect debris at up to 40 kilometers per hour. The standard single system can cover 60,000 m2/hour, compared to a standard suction sweeper that covers 36,000 m2/hour. Our 2.4m wide Duplex system hitch sweeps 120,000 m2/hour, while our 7.3m wide Triplex system-wide hitch can clear 175,000 m2/hour.

To top it off, this maintenance-free system can be towed by any vehicle requires no power, can’t break down, and folds into 2.5-metre, 300-millimeter-long roller bag for storage. Its range of applications is also noteworthy and includes:


Airports & Airlines

The FOD*BOSS is especially efficient at runway FOD removal. Airport runways are susceptible to a buildup of dirt, sand, gravel,  tire rubber, and loose components such as nuts and bolts. Our equipment is not just beneficial on the runway itself, but also taxiways, baggage claim zones, parking lots, and aircraft fueling areas.

Foreign object debris can be hazardous during taxiing, takeoff, and landing with the risk of being ingested into a jet engine by vortex. Without proper FOD removal, debris can rupture airplane tires or become airborne and reach inside an engine, causing potentially catastrophic damage. Other dirt and debris can make runways slippery or obscure/distort important runway lines and markings pilots use to navigate. Debris can also cause delays and cancellations, reducing airport efficiency.



Military and Airforce FOD removal is critical since it can disrupt important military operations and put pilots safety at risk. Fighter aircraft engines are especially vulnerable to FOD damage due to large engine intakes. The FOD*BOSS Ultimate MIL-SPEC model is the answer because it has the best performance and can be deployed on short notice. The reaction time at military installations is short, so our rapid response FOD sweeper can prevent serious incidents such as engine failure, tire damage or even a ruptured fuel tank.

When your detection systems, including cameras, radar, and scanners, detect FOD, our system can be quickly deployed. It’s currently used by all major air force operations worldwide. in the United States, Belgium, Chile, Finland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and Switzerland.


Road Construction

Road construction sites are noteworthy for having a large amount of debris. Our road sweeper can clear navigable areas to protect people and machinery. It’s suited for highway, autobahn and smaller road construction areas, shopping center grounds, manufacturing plants, and commercial and industrial building sites, plus construction sites in general. Any amount of dirt and debris can collect during a construction project, but roadways can be cleared quickly to maximize safety, thanks to our advanced street sweeper system.


Race Tracks

Racetrack owners and operators have depended on us for over 20 years. During a racing event, debris can be easily spread, jeopardizing vehicles, drivers, and spectators. A modified design is highly efficient at collecting car parts, rubber, and gravel in just a single pass. The Triplex system can cover nearly seven metres of width in that time.

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, The FOD*BOSS: The Ultimate Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Sweeper

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