Ensure Greater Aircraft Safety with a Tarmac Debris Sweeper and Cleaner in WA

Pilots and aircraft personnel are trained to take countless safety precautions every time they prepare for takeoff. Whether the aircraft is a military vessel or a commercial passenger jet, these precautions take into account everything from the maintenance of the plane to the weather conditions. It is because of these precautions that trained pilots and aviation teams can fly safely from takeoff to landing.

Not all precautions that go into ensuring a safe flight have anything to do with the pilot, or even
anything to do with the aircraft itself. On the contrary, among the most important steps for airfield personnel to take in the lead up to a flight is FOD sweeping of the airfield. FOD (or foreign object debris) can pose a substantial risk to aircraft, aircraft personnel and passengers. As such, having a dependable method of sweeping your airport’s tarmac and eliminating any foreign debris is vital for ensuring safety and preventing costly damage.

FOD*BOSS: A Tarmac Debris Cleaner in WA, Minus the Heavy Equipment

At FOD*BOSS, we understand how important FOD sweeping is. We also understand the inherent weaknesses of many of the tarmac sweeper systems available in WA. Some tarmac cleaners in WA can effectively sweep up foreign object debris, but do so using heavy vehicles or machinery. This heavy equipment puts extra strain on the tarmac, often leading to quicker wear and tear and more frequent maintenance.

The FOD*BOSS FOD sweeper is a more dependable and efficient tarmac debris cleaner in WA. The difference between our FOD sweeper and other systems is that ours has no requirement for heavy-duty machinery. Instead, the FOD*BOSS can be towed by lightweight passenger vehicles, collecting any and all debris it encounters along the way.

This type of system is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, since the FOD*BOSS can easily be pulled by lightweight vehicles, you are putting less strain on your tarmac whenever you are cleaning up debris. As a result, your tarmac takes less abuse and suffers less damage, which allows your airport to continue operating at full efficiency.

Secondly, this tarmac cleaner in WA is exceptionally easy to use. There’s no need to learn how to operate heavy machinery or go through training for other technical skills. Because the sweeper can be towed by virtually any lightweight vehicle, it has an easy learning curve.

Thirdly, since there is no need to purchase, fuel or otherwise maintain heavy equipment, the FOD*BOSS tarmac sweeper has lower operating costs and a smaller carbon footprint than alternative options. The system can help your airfield save money and become more sustainable at the same time.

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Having clean tarmac is the only way that you can prevent damage to your aircraft and ensure the safety of your airfield teams and passengers. Investing in a FOD*BOSS tarmac sweeper in WA can help you do both of those things, without the drawbacks that are common with other systems. Call us today on +61 (0)3 9894 2100 to speak with someone at our Victoria headquarters.


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