Keep the Tarmac Cleaner and Free from Debris in VIC With the FOD*BOSS System

Each day, airports and the overseers of their operations must contend with a variety of challenges. From keeping air traffic in order and well-directed to managing security concerns and supervising the flow of work on the tarmac, there’s an enormous amount of activity going on constantly. One thing that should not be a worry, however, is how to contend with the build-up of debris on the tarmac. Removing foreign objects from the runway is essential for keeping both ground crews and expensive airliners safe. With the FOD*BOSS from Aerosweep, it’s a task that’s as simple as quickly driving a vehicle over the problematic areas.

Already employed by many operators both civilian and military, why should you consider bringing this tarmac sweeper to a VIC airfield? The reality is that the FOD*BOSS has a proven track record of achieving excellent results. By removing up to 99% of debris from the runway — even fine particulates like sand — aircraft can continue to operate without delay. It’s easy to deploy this tarmac sweeper in VIC, and its design renders it suitable for high-speed sweeping actions. We designed the FOD*BOSS to excel even when conditions demand clearing a runway as soon as possible.

Protect Valuable Aircraft with a Tarmac Debris Cleaner in VIC

How do we achieve such results, though? Our elegant patented cleaner design works to collect the most debris, including nuts, bolts, and other typical tarmac debris. While towed along the ground, the FOD*BOSS funnels items on the ground into a holding container. The only action necessary is the movement; the underside of the equipment does the rest. When finished, it’s easy to shake out the FOD*BOSS in a safer area for final pick-up and disposal. Now the aircraft on the runway can operate safely.

Because of the nature of its design, Aerosweep’s solutions cannot break down as a mechanised solution might. This simplicity is also why it takes just one person to operate. Connect the hitch for the cleaner to a tractor, tug, or ute and begin driving. The cleaner immediately begins collecting everything in its path. Operators can drive safely up to 50kph, enabling a rapid response to any sudden FOD issues on the tarmac. Our sweeper streamlines critical ground support processes to ensure the fewest possible delays.

Make a Move Towards the Superior System Today

Though the FOD*BOSS design is simple at its core, it provides extremely robust functionality in all kinds of conditions and across many types of surfaces. As a tarmac cleaner for VIC airports, its ability to trap debris has no match. The ease with which you can adapt an existing tarmac vehicle for use with the FOD*BOSS also makes it a “plug and play” type solution ideal for saving on training costs. We invite you to explore all our available product information before visiting our contact page here for details on purchasing Aerosweep solutions.


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