Choose a Tarmac Sweeper in SA That Traps More Debris & Yields Cleaner Results Every Pass

The scope of modern air infrastructure is difficult to grasp. It involves many different “moving parts” that must continue to function even in trying circumstances. For example, except for very severe storms or high winds, most airfields continue to operate rain or shine. That means that ground crews need to be able to depend on their equipment to perform even when the clouds begin to gather. All-weather operation applies in particular to the collection of foreign objects and unwanted debris from the tarmac surface. With the FOD*BOSS, Aerosweep offers airports an unparalleled tarmac cleaner for SA use.

A tarmac sweeper that relies on vacuums to collect debris isn’t always suited to every surface; in fact, it can even cause damage to some through its powerful suction power. They are also difficult to operate in very wet or slick conditions. The FOD*BOSS has no such problems and relies only on its patented design to scoop and trap debris for later removal. Diligent elimination of these objects results in a safer workplace for the ground crew and a reduced risk of accidental damage to aircraft. No matter if the weather is warm or wet, the sweeper remains efficient and effective.

The Tarmac Cleaner Ideal for SA Operations in Any Weather

When storms soak the runway, the dangers of FOD increase. Dark skies and the wet tarmac can make it tough to spot debris that might be visible in good light. However, using our tarmac sweeper in SA during rainy days is no problem. The non-mechanical design, which relies on using brushes to disturb debris from the ground and capture it within the FOD*BOSS, isn’t slowed down by water. In fact, it continues to be just as effective at capturing a huge percentage of unwanted objects.

Regular sweeps with a cleaner to remove debris are essential to safety and the integrity of the airport’s equipment. In the event of an emergency that requires rapid removal of debris to make a zone safe, the FOD*BOSS is ready to go in moments. With no maintenance necessary for the device to work and a low up-front cost, this sweeper remains affordable even for smaller airports. Why restrict this safety activity to a schedule when it could be on standby whenever needed 24 hours a day?

Learn More About the FOD*BOSS From Our Team

The reality is that no other tarmac debris cleaner in SA exists with the same effective features as the FOD*BOSS. Taken in consideration with its low operating cost and near-zero maintenance requirements, and it’s a reliable option for any airport. In the rain or the sun, for large amounts of debris and small clean-up jobs, we guarantee Aerosweep’s solutions are the most effective on the market. For questions about the product, please contact Aerosweep on (03) 9894 2100 or by visiting our contact page. To begin the cleaner purchasing process, please visit our “Distributors” page, located here, for a full list of authorised dealers.


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