The Threats a Tarmac Debris Cleaner & FOD Sweeper Protect Against in QLD

Over a century after the initial development of the aeroplane, air travel now dominates the world as the fastest way to move people and goods. Planes find use in many capacities, from military roles to fire-fighting duties. The logistics needed to keep our air services in continuous operation can be staggering to consider. At the most basic level, though, is the need for a reliable airfield from which to take off and land. The airport tarmac features intensive engineering and precise construction to provide planes with a safe operating surface. However, over time it is easy for this surface to accumulate unwanted and potentially dangerous debris. Today there is an excellent solution to this problem that is superior to any other tarmac debris cleaner in QLD.

The FOD*BOSS, developed by Aerosweep, uses patented technology to quickly and easily capture debris through a towed sweeper apparatus. This solution requires no power and relies on no vacuums or pumps; instead, its unique design works to trap all common types of tarmac debris. Why is this so important? After all, planes are large compared to the litter that could accumulate on the ground. Let’s briefly look at just a few of the threats foreign object debris poses to operational aircraft.

The Safety Benefits of Using an Excellent Tarmac Cleaner in QLD

FOD can comprise a wide range of objects, from something as benign as a food wrapper to as dangerous as metal objects like tools, mechanical debris, and more. If left unchecked on the runway, there are many dangers. A jet engine in the process of spooling up might ingest some of this debris, destroying fan blades and causing enormous repair costs. Similarly, an aircraft moving at high speed during take-off or landing could puncture a tyre by running over debris. Employing a tarmac sweeper in QLD like the FOD*BOSS is the easiest way to mitigate this risk to equipment.

The dangers extend to crew as well, though. Not only is everyone at risk in an air accident, but debris could become airborne because of a passing jet engine. At high speeds, even small objects pose a risk of injury. A quick deployment of a sweeper can collect these items before they do harm. A cleaner tarmac is a safer one for everyone, from crews to passengers and pilots.

Contact Aerosweep Today for More Information About the FOD*BOSS

By using the efficiency of Aerosweep’s tarmac sweeper in QLD, it’s simple to reduce delays on the runway without sacrificing safety for anyone. With a sweeper width spanning up seven metres, cleaning vast swaths of the tarmac takes far less time than before. We are confident in our ability to perform to your airfield’s standards; a satisfaction guarantee accompanies every FOD*BOSS cleaner into the field. Should it fail to meet your expectations for any reason, we will accept it for a full refund. However, we’re certain it’s dependability, and low maintenance needs will make the difference. Contact us on (03) 9894 2100 for information on acquiring this technology.


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