Easily Protect NSW Tarmac With the FOD*BOSS Cleaner, a Highly Efficient Debris Sweeper

At any airfield, it’s the ground crews that really keep things moving throughout the day. From loading or unloading luggage and cargo from aeroplanes to managing fuelling equipment and more, the tarmac crew has a lot to handle each day. Therefore, any way to make their job easier on an operational level is worth investigating.

One of these many duties centres on the removal of foreign objects from the runway. These objects can take many forms: it could be debris from luggage, pavement or tarmac fragments, or metal debris from maintenance or accidents. Regardless of the source, its removal is imperative for safety. Aerosweep is proud to present its innovative solution, the FOD*BOSS, as the ideal tarmac sweeper for NSW air operations.

Bringing new equipment into the fold is seldom easy, as it often requires extensive training to give staff hands-on experience. The FOD*BOSS requires no special skills or intensive study to use safely. It hitches to the back of any vehicle and trails behind as the driver pulls it across the tarmac, trapping up to 99% of foreign objects. This easy to use design is a hallmark of our product and part of what has led to its adoption by many airports and even military agencies such as the RAAF and USAF. What does it take to familiarise ground crews with how to use the FOD*BOSS tarmac debris cleaner in NSW?

A Tarmac Cleaner for NSW Airfields That’s Easy to Use

Operation is surprisingly basic and in fact requires just one crew member to deploy. Stored in a portable storage bag with its safety-release hitch, the FOD*BOSS unfolds in moments. The crew member then uses the hitch to connect the sweeper to a suitably powerful vehicle — though a standard airport tug is perfectly fine for the job. That’s it: there is no more set-up required to begin working towards a cleaner airfield.

During operation, extremely durable and rigid brushes under the sweeper grasp the debris and shunt it into a mesh container for later removal. Therefore, all ground crews need to do is drive in a methodical pattern to collect any debris. Aerosweep even supplies an application for tracking and logging the sweeper position to assess your crew’s activities. Afterward, the cleaner stows easily until it is time to use it once more.

Discuss the Specifics for Placing an Order with Aerosweep

Built from the ground up with a design aimed at simplicity and consistent quality of operation, the FOD*BOSS can easily find a role as any airfield’s tarmac cleaner in NSW. The widespread adoption of our product by leaders in the aerospace sector, including several air forces and large commercial airfields, speaks of our product’s quality. Aerosweep looks forward to talking with you to sort out any questions. Please call us on (03) 9894 2100 to speak to a representative, or click here to view a listing of our distributors.


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