Use the Most Effective Airport, Runway and Road Sweeper Available in WA

Everybody likes a clean airport, but the runway is perhaps the most important part of any airport to keep clear. This is more than just an aesthetic consideration—it’s actually an important part of keeping an airport safe. Aircraft and airfield personnel always have to be protected, and Foreign Object Debris (or FOD) in landing areas, access roads or other parts of the airport can be hazardous. That’s why it’s important to make sure that an airport is always equipped with the best cleaning technology available on the market. One essential tool that every airport should be outfitted with is the sweeper. A quality sweeper can keep debris off of your roads and runways, ensuring that the most essential parts of the facility are always kept in perfect working condition.

When you’re shopping for sweepers, there are several things that you should consider. Versatility, for example, is an important consideration. You want a tool that can function as a runway sweeper, airport sweeper or road sweeper in your WA airport if need be. Manoeuvrability is also something that should be factored in. The right airport sweeper for a WA airport should be easy to transport so that it doesn’t need to be pulled by heavy equipment that could damage the tarmac. A sweeper that is both lightweight and effective can save airports considerable amounts of money on repairs and operating costs. One should also take the environmental impact of any sweeping technology purchased into account. Airports use a large amount of energy in any case, but it’s always important to reduce the environmental footprint of such a facility as much as possible.

The FOD*BOSS is a unique airfield tarmac sweeper, supplied by a worldwide network of various distributors and used by every major military air force in the world including the RAAF, RAF, USAF and others. If you want to ensure the safety of your airport, be gentle on your tarmacs and keep your impact on the environment at a responsible level, then you’ll want to look into this incredible piece of equipment.

A Runway Sweeper in WA at the Top of Its Class

The FOD*BOSS is the best product in its area for good reasons. It boasts a sweep width of up to 22ft/7m and can operate at speeds of up to 30mph/50kmph in either wet or dry conditions. Furthermore, it allows its user to remove a large range of potentially dangerous material from any road or runway, including rocks, luggage hardware, metallic and nonmetallic objects, and even sand.

Test it for Yourself

We stand behind this product 100%, and we’re confident that you’ll see why once you try it for yourself. That’s why we’re happy to offer you money back guarantee on its performance and durability. If for any reason the FOD*BOSS doesn’t meet and exceed your expectations, you’ll be able to return it for a full maintenance check or refund. As the industry standard since 1994 though, we think you’ll want to hold onto it.


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