Prevent Damage to Aircraft with Dependable Airport, Runway and Road Sweepers in VIC

The average cost of a commercial jet is more than $100 million. Other types of aircraft—from military jets to cargo planes and beyond—are extremely costly as well. Needless to say, airports, military bases and other airfields need to go to great lengths to protect these substantial investments.

At Aerosweep, we offer a product that can help protect your aircraft. That product is FOD*BOSS, a runway sweeper developed in VIC that works to collect foreign object debris from airfield tarmac. Clean airfields prevent damage to aircraft in the billions of dollars. The FOD*BOSS clears airfields more reliably than any other system on the market, making it an essential investment to protect your other investments.

How the FOD*BOSS Works

Over the course of any given day at a passenger airport, it’s easy for the tarmac to become littered with bits and pieces of debris. Rocks and stones can get knocked or blown out on the runway by heavy winds. Careless airfield staff can accidentally leave small bits of luggage handling gear somewhere on the tarmac. Metallic objects, glass and other debris can find their way out onto the road. Even sand and dirt in the runway can affect aircraft takeoffs and landings.

The FOD*BOSS road sweeper from VIC-based Aerosweep is designed to collect all of these types of debris in a reliable and efficient fashion. Instead of a huge piece of heavy, difficult-to-operate machinery, the FOD*BOSS is an apparatus that airfield staff can tow behind a lightweight vehicle to rake up all debris. With a sweep width of up to seven metres and an ability to collect debris reliably at speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour, the FOD*BOSS can be used to collect debris with relative ease and speed.

Getting foreign object debris out of the runway area reduces the likelihood of planes encountering threats of damage out of the roadway. While things like rocks and screws may seem like nothing when put next to a colossal passenger jet, a plane wheel hitting a piece of debris when travelling at high speeds can still cause considerable damage. The FOD*BOSS system helps eliminate situations in which that type of damage can occur.

FOD*BOSS: An Airport Sweeper for VIC and the Whole World

The FOD*BOSS is so reliable as a runway sweeper that its popularity has gone far beyond its VIC roots. Indeed, today, more than 20 years after the invention of the FOD*BOSS, the system retains a strong worldwide presence. Working through a network of distributors, Aerosweep supplies airports and airfields around the globe with this sweeper. From small airports to major international airports, all the way to major military air forces (such as the RAAF, the RAF and the USAF), the FOD*BOSS is known worldwide as the finest solution for tarmac sweeping.

The FOD*BOSS is also used as a road sweeper in VIC. It’s not uncommon for racetracks and road construction teams to use our system to create cleaner and safer environments.

Are you interested in learning more about the FOD*BOSS and its numerous worldwide applications? Call Aerosweep’s VIC office on +61 (0)3 9894 2100 to discuss our airport sweeper.


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