Save on Operating Costs with a More Efficient Road Sweeper or Airport Runway Sweeper in SA

Many road sweepers in SA—from street sweeping trucks to airport runway sweepers—use a vacuum-like system to clean up debris. These vacuum-type machines and vehicles are even seen as the ‘norm’ in the sweeping equipment industry. However, while some of these systems do a good enough job cleaning up debris, they are also heavy, unwieldy, difficult to operate and expensive to use and maintain.

The Problem with Vacuum Type Sweepers

If your business or organisation has ever made use of one of these vacuum-like sweepers, you probably know how costly they can be to operate. The upfront costs are high. You need to train personnel to operate the systems safely. The vehicles are normally heavy and large, using a considerable amount of fuel to run for any extended period of time. If the vacuum apparatus breaks down, repairs are expensive and difficult to perform.

Enterprises that use vacuum type sweeping equipment know about all of these expenses and drawbacks. However, they tend to continue using these heavy and unwieldy systems—simply because they think there aren’t any other options for road sweepers or runway sweepers in SA.

At Aerosweep, though, we are here to tell you that there is another option. Our innovation, FOD*BOSS, is a field object debris sweeper that workers more like a rake or broom than a vacuum. To use the FOD*BOSS, all you need to do is tow it behind a car or truck. Any vehicle can be used for this purpose. The goal is to drag the FOD*BOSS over the roadway, runway or spot of tarmac where debris removal is necessary. The FOD*BOSS will collect all debris that it encounters in its path—including rocks, dirt, sand, glass, metal objects and more—so that it no longer poses a risk to cars, planes, equipment or personnel.

FOD*BOSS Road and Airport Sweepers in SA: Slicing Operating Costs by as Much as 90%

FOD*BOSS sweepers collect debris just as reliably—if not more so—than the vacuum type sweepers often used for the same purposes. What really sets Aerosweep’s systems apart from the competition, though, is their operating costs.

As discussed above, using vacuum type road sweepers in SA means dealing with big upfront equipment costs, training expenses, high fuel costs and pricey maintenance programs. Comparatively, the FOD*BOSS has a modest upfront cost, demands no training or special skills, substantially reduces fuel requirements and requires no maintenance. All FOD*BOSS sweepers are even backed with an unconditional lifetime money back guarantee, encompassing both performance and durability issues.

What do these details mean for you and your budget? They mean that, if you choose FOD*BOSS as your roadway or runway sweeper in SA, you will save up to 90% on operating costs — at least when compared to standard vacuum type sweeping equipment.

Are you interested in trimming operating expenses for your business or organisation? If so, call Aerosweep today and find out what we can do for you. You can reach our VIC headquarters by dialling +61 (0)3 9894 2100.


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