Buy the FOD*BOSS Sweeper for Roads, Runways and Airports in QLD—All with a Performance Guarantee

For runways, airport hangers and other stretches of tarmac where aircraft traffic is common, a complete absence of rocks, glass, luggage hardware and other Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is a must. Unfortunately, just like rocks and glass make their way into the middle of public roads and highways, debris somehow finds its way onto airport tarmacs. Having a high-quality runway sweeper in QLD, then, is essential to prevent damage to aircraft.

Try a Better Runway Sweeper in QLD

At Aerosweep, we often speak with airports and airfields that have tried other FOD cleaning solutions in the past. We have been in the road sweeper industry in QLD since 1994, so we have heard virtually every complaint or criticism ever invented for airport tarmac sweeping solutions. Some of our customers have complained about their sweepers leaving debris behind and not being reliable enough. Others have praised the sweeping ability of their systems but complained about weight. Many FOD sweeping systems use extremely heavy equipment to collect debris. These systems may get the job done, but they can also cause damage to the tarmac itself—creating new safety hazards in place of the ones they help solve.

When Aerosweep invented the FOD*BOSS road sweeper in 1994, one of our goals was to create something that would eliminate these common criticisms. We wanted a system that would work reliably without damaging airport tarmac or other paved surfaces.

Today, we are proud to say that our road sweeper in QLD provides precisely that level of reliability. In fact, we believe in the quality and performance of the FOD*BOSS system to such a degree that we are willing to stand behind it for life. If your airport or airfield purchases our runway sweeper in QLD, you will get a product backed by an unconditional lifetime money back guarantee.

This money back coverage applies to both the performance and durability of your FOD*BOSS sweeper. If you purchase our airport sweeper in QLD and later find that it is not reliably collecting debris, you can return the product for a replacement. We are so confident in the performance of our equipment that we offer the following extended guarantee: if your airport sweeper falls apart—whether after a year, five years or 10 years—we will be happy to provide a replacement or refund. We built the FOD*BOSS to stand the test of time, and if it doesn’t, you deserve your money back.

A Rejection of Planned Obsolescence

Not many companies offer true, unconditional lifetime warranties on their products. This statement is especially true today, in the era of planned obsolescence. Today, it seems that most products—from consumer goods to industrial systems and beyond—are built to break down after just a few years. If you choose a FOD*BOSS system as your airport sweeper in QLD, you won’t have to settle for subpar product quality or performance. Instead, you will get a system that works and that won’t damage your tarmac. Add the money back guarantee, and the FOD*BOSS simply can’t be beaten.

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