A High-Speed Sweeping Solution for High-Speed Environments: FOD*BOSS Works as a Road Sweeper, Runway Sweeper and Airport Sweeper in NSW

At Aerosweep, our FOD*BOSS system is known first and foremost as an airport sweeper. Ever since its invention, the FOD*BOSS has been a go-to runway sweeper in NSW and around the world. However, the FOD*BOSS is also seen as a dependable solution for roadway sweeping at racetracks and motorsport speedways.

It’s not difficult to see why racetracks prefer the FOD*BOSS as their road sweeper in NSW. Not only can our system provide a cleaner and safer environment for participants, officials and spectators alike, but it also provides fittingly fast-paced performance for such a high-speed environment.

Outstanding Speed and Efficiency

The fastest speed ever recorded for a Formula 1 racecar was 246.9 miles per hour (397.3 kilometres per hour), clocked in 2006. Against that speed, FOD*BOSS sweeping equipment can’t compete. However, compared to other roadway and runway sweeping equipment on the market, the FOD*BOSS is extraordinarily fast and efficient.

Indeed, the FOD*BOSS TRACK SWEEP—our road sweeper meant specifically for racetracks and motorsport environments—can collect debris at speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour. The system can cover seven metres of track with each pass and can be pulled behind virtually any vehicle.

The result is a system that is faster and more efficient than any other comparable tool on the market. Deploying the TRACK SWEEP from FOD*BOSS is fast because all it involves is connecting the system to a car or track. Cleaning a racetrack with it is quick too, due to the relatively high debris collection speeds and the amount of track width the TRACK SWEEP can cover with each pass.

Another advantage of the TRACK SWEEP is that it can be operated by just about anyone. FOD*BOSS products—from our airport sweepers in NSW to our track sweepers—have always been popular in part because of their ease of use. Your personnel won’t need special drivers licences—or even special training—to collect field object debris with the TRACK SWEEP. Anyone who can drive a car can clear debris with a FOD*BOSS system—a fact that makes them that much more effective.

Learn More about the TRACK SWEEP Road Sweeper in NSW

Don’t settle for a slow, lumbering, inefficient or difficult-to-operate sweeper for your racetrack. Instead, opt for something that can meet the needs of such a fast-paced environment. The TRACK SWEEP from Aerosweep is the only product on the market that can fit the bill.

FOD*BOSS has been the premier name in field object debris removal for more than 20 years. From airports to racetracks to road construction crews, Aerosweep’s FOD removal systems are relied upon by countless people, businesses, organisations and governments around the world. Whether you are looking for a runway sweeper in NSW or a road sweeper in VIC, you can trust that you are in good hands with Aerosweep.

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