FOD Boss iPhone App

  • FOD*BOSS iPhone App Now Available

    FOD Boss App BadgeUse your iPhone or iPad to track and log your FOD*BOSS sweeping operations on your device and transfer your data on to a secure log-in database. Allows you to watch live as you sweep your airfield to see where you have and haven’t swept. At the end of your FOD*BOSS sweep your data is transferred to a secure log-in account so you can monitor, compare and share your data.

    » Click here to view and monitor your FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker activities online via your secure login

    Other features include

    FOD Boss iPhone App

    • Select either Single, Duplex & Triplex FOD*BOSS sweeps or the essential FOD Walk option.
    • Calculate distance swept (miles or kilometres)
    • Calculate area covered (square feet or meters)
    • Allows you to collect FOD, weigh and record to give a figure per 10,000 square feet/meters. You can then compare one sweep to another
    • Secure log-in so you can see who has swept, where and when. Share the information with others in your network, or make them public so others can view your FOD*BOSS sweeping operations
    • Time and date of sweep

    Future Options

    • Make notes and upload photos to your database
    • Transfer to an Excel file to give you the ability to graph your results and see the effectiveness of your FOD program
    • Take photos of damage to airfield and attach to your database and/or send via SMS or email to maintenance crews for fast repairs,

    * The GPS draws large amounts of power from the device. It is advisable to have a 12v charger plugged in while in operation. It is also best to have the device mounted nearest the center of the operating vehicle for the most accurate results

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