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  • How often do we empty the FOD*BOSS during sweeping operations?

    This depends upon the amount of debris on the tarmac. Typically, at a well-maintained airport the operator would empty the FOD*BOSS every 20 to 30 minutes of sweeping. One quarter to one half kilogram of debris collected per swept lineal kilometre (1.75 lbs. to 3.5lbs. per mile) is usual.

  • Is the FOD*BOSS guaranteed?

    Yes. The construction of the FOD*BOSS is guaranteed for the service life of the Sweeper Assembly. The life of the Sweeper Assembly will depend upon the amount of use and the type of pavement. Trials indicate that 2500km to 4000km (1500 to 2400 miles) can be expected on standard asphalt or concrete tarmac surfaces. Please refer to the official guarantee.

  • Will the FOD*BOSS sweep grooved runways and interlocking block pavements?

    Yes, the FOD*BOSS is excellent for sweeping these surfaces.

  • Can accidental damage be repaired?

    Yes. Aerosweep provide a repair service if required, however most damage can be easily repaired in the workshop. Each FOD*BOSS is supplied with a repair kit that can also extend the service life of the Sweeper Assembly to a degree.

  • Can worn parts be replaced?

    No. The Sweeper Assembly, (the wearing part of the FOD*BOSS), is disposable. There are no parts that require replacing during its service life.

  • Can anyone use this equipment?

    Yes, there are no special licences or skills required other than normal driving ability and proper airside knowledge.

  • Does the FOD*BOSS require regular adjustment to maintain maximum sweeping efficiency?

    No. Unlike conventional vacuum sweeping equipment that requires regular adjustment to maintain efficiency, the FOD*BOSS employs a unique sweeping principle adjusting automatically as it wears. Tests indicate that the performance will remain constant or may even improve during the life of the Sweeper Assembly. If it’s moving you know it’s working.

  • How long will the Sweeper Assembly last?

    Sweeper Assembly service life will vary according to the pavement surface. As a rule, each FOD*BOSS Sweeper Assembly will provide 2500 to 4000 kilometres of efficient operation on a typical Asphaltic Concrete (hot mix asphalt) or concrete tarmac.

  • The FOD*BOSS Airport Sweeper has virtually no moving parts so how does it work?

    The FOD*BOSS Sweeper Assembly is constructed from multiple rows of brushes and scoops. As the FOD*BOSS is drawn over the tarmac, the brushes activate the debris which is directed upwards by the scoops and retained in mesh pockets above the following brushes.

  • Can the FOD*BOSS replace our vacuum runway sweepers?

    The FOD*BOSS is recommended as primary sweeping equipment at airfields such as Military bases, where a very clean and FOD free environment is paramount. It is intended as support equipment for larger airports and as primary sweeping equipment for medium size and smaller airports. At larger airports its value is in rapid response and reliable back up to the larger machines. Its low capital outlay brings FOD Control within the budgets of smaller airports and other airside operators such as airlines, maintenance facilities, individual squadrons etc.

  • As the FOD*BOSS costs a fraction of the more conventional vacuum sweeping machines, what savings can we expect on our sweeping costs?

    Cost savings of between 40% and 90% can be expected depending upon the individual Airport sweeping regime. Examples of cost savings are listed on the Comparative Cost Sheet.


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