Operators Manual

Introduction — Getting to know your FOD*BOSS Sweeper

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The FOD*BOSS is an extremely efficient, high speed, FOD ( Foreign Object Debris) Sweeping system, however, please read this manual before operating, and note the following precautions;

  • Do not rely upon The FOD*BOSS to remove 100% of debris, 100% of the time. Some FOD may remain even after use, and some areas may be missed by the operator. The FOD*BOSS is also not designed to collect large sized FOD which will not fit through the collecting blades. A thorough check of the pavement should always be conducted at the conclusion of each sweeping procedure.
  • The FOD*BOSS should be used with care around parked or moving aircraft, people, and other objects, especially in windy conditions.The FOD*BOSS can be subject to winds and drafts causing it to move and strike stationery or moving objects. Observe all recommended safety measures and safe working distances that may apply.
  • A Retention Cable is available which retains The FOD*BOSS to the vehicle even if released by the Tow Hitch due to hitting an obstruction. When using this cable, and at all times, it is important to avoid areas with immovable obstructions as severe damage to The FOD*BOSS may occur.
  • Refer page 4 of this manual for installation instructions before using your FOD*BOSS.

Technical Assistance – If in doubt please contact Aerosweep Assistance: Tel: +61 (0) 3 9894 2100 Fax: +61 (0) 3 9894 2743 Email: fodboss@aerosweep.com Or contact your local distributor listed at www.fodboss.com/distributors/


The following recommendations are based upon more than 20 years of FOD*BOSS operational experience and comments from thousands of aviation customers throughout the world. Tarmac surfaces vary, operators have differing techniques, climatic conditions may have an effect.

The FOD*BOSS life can be compared to motor car tires. For example, the way in which a vehicle is driven will have an effect on the tire’s lifespan. If a motor vehicle is driven aggressively, the tires will wear at a faster rate than if it is driven with care.

An operator can prolong the life of the FOD*BOSS by following these recommendations.

  • Sweep within the recommended speed range of 10 and 40 KPH or 6 to 25mph.
  • Empty the FOD*BOSS on a regular basis. This ensures that the sweeper is not overloaded.
  • Sweep often. Sweeping a clean tarmac creates less wear to the FOD*BOSS and is better for aircraft.
  • Where possible avoid sweeping very rough or damaged pavements.
  • Restrict sweeping to and around areas where aircraft operate under power.
  • Store the FOD*BOSS flat or carefully rolled up, under cover or in the carry bag at moderate temperatures i.e. between 0 and 40 degrees C. Ensure the yellow segments are not distorted in any way.
  • Read and understand the Operators Manual. When these recommendations are observed our clients achieve unmatched FOD sweeping efficiency.

Section 1 — Installation of Tow Hitch and Sweeper

Installation instructions:

  • Review Sections 06, 07 & 08 to identify the correct tow adaptors and fittings required for your vehicle and attach the tow hitch (-01) or (-120).
  • Adjust the height of the tow hitch so that it is clear of the ground. Refer to notes below on towing heights.

The Safety Release Tow Hitch (-01) is spring-loaded and should never be dismantled.

Prior to commencement of sweeping, it is essential to locate, remove, repair or avoid immovable or sharp projections in the pavement. Failure to do so may result in damage to the sweeper assembly. Do not operate without first thoroughly checking unfamiliar surfaces.

When using the Safety Release Hitch (-01) a cable (-100) may be used to retain The FOD*BOSS to the vehicle even if it is released by the Tow Hitch due to hitting an obstruction. However, if using this cable, and at all times, avoid immovable obstructions as severe damage may occur.

Section 2 — Operation

Tow the sweeper over the area to be cleaned. The operating speed range is 6 km/h (4 mph) to 40 km/h (25 mph). For maximum debris collection and service life, 15 km/h (10 mph) to 25 km/h (16 mph) is recommended.

To maximize service life and debris collection, it is important to empty the sweeper at regular intervals. Do not allow collected debris in the pockets to exceed one-quarter full.

The FOD*BOSS is not designed to operate in reverse. DO NOT BACK UP.

During the first few hours of operation, the FOD*BOSS will wear in. During this period the rate of wear to the underside of the collecting scoops may appear greater than expected. This is a normal wearing in the process necessary for the FOD*BOSS to attain the maximum degree of collection efficiency.

The FOD*BOSS is suitable for all smooth surfaces and some rougher surfaces. Coarse spray chip seal may cause excessive wear and should be avoided.

Section 3 — Emptying

  • With the FOD*BOSS connected to the tow vehicle, lift the edge of the sweeper furthest from the vehicle by the yellow shake handles and shake out the collected debris.
  • Carry the empty FOD*BOSS at right angles to one side of the vehicle and place flat on the
  • You may sweep or vacuum up the collected debris and place in a receptacle or:
  • You may drive on and return to the same accumulation point several times before sweeping or vacuuming up the collected debris.

NOTE: DO NOT remove the Mesh Cover to empty the FOD*BOSS. Only remove the Mesh Cover when necessary to aid in the removal of debris such as a wire that may become trapped in the mesh capture zones. If the Mesh Cover is removed when wet and allowed to dry it may shrink, and be difficult to re-fit. Should this occur, soak the Mesh Cover in water for 30 minutes and re-fit while wet.

It is important that the velcro is pressed down firmly.

A thorough check of the pavement should always be conducted at the conclusion of each sweeping procedure.

Fodboss Sweeping surface Fodboss Hung Wallhook Spare Part

Section 4 — Maintenance

Cleaning is usually not necessary, but if required wash the sweeper with water and a water-based detergent.

Do not use petroleum, spirit-based or caustic cleaning agents.

Tracking wheels should be checked before and after each sweeping operation and any grit or sand removed to ensure free rotation. Wheels must be replaced when they are worn to a minimum thickness of 1 cm (3/8″) measured to the underside of the wheel carrier.

Holes and tears in the mat backing may be repaired using the FOD*BOSS repair webbing as follows:

  • Thoroughly clean the latex backing around the area to be repaired and allow to dry.
  • Cut enough webbing to cover the damaged area plus 25 mm (1″) extra all around. Heat-seal the cut ends of the webbing.
  • Coat one side of the webbing and the corresponding area of the latex backing with a thin even film of Permatex Weatherstrip Adhesive (or recommended an alternative).
  • Allow drying until tacked-up. The length of time will depend upon atmospheric conditions and can be determined by placing a small section of the webbing against the latex backing.
    When the webbing is pulled away, strips of adhesive will be apparent. If no backing or holding power has developed, wait 5 minutes, re-checking every few minutes thereafter.
  • Press the webbing over the latex backing and work out any air bubbles.
  • Water contact with the adhesive should be prevented for 48 hours.


  • Permatex Weatherstrip Adhesive is extremely flammable, harmful or fatal if swallowed.
    Vapor harmful. Contains Toluene, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, and Acetone
  • Keep away from children.
  • Use in accordance with material safety data sheet.
  • Technical information is available from Aerosweep Assistance.

Section 5 — Storage

To ensure maximum life and efficiency of your FOD*BOSS always roll up tightly starting with the front, or handle end as follows :

  • Make sure the sweeper is dry.
  • Fold tow handle sideways and fold front panel.
  • Continue folding toward the rear.
  • Once you reach the fourth row, fold the rear wheels forward.
  • Continue folding and place in carry bag.
  • Store undercover, above 0° Celsius.
Fod Boss accessories Fod Boss accessories


Should it be necessary to store the sweeper for drying out purposes, and not in it’s carry bag, it is important to prevent the collection blades from distortion by lying right side up and FLAT. It may be folded in a concertina style but kept on a flat plane.

Alternatively, it may be hung using the FOD*BOSS wall hook (-129) as below

Fodboss Wallhook Spare Part FOD*BOSS wall hook

Section 6 — Pintle Hook Adaptor and Coupler Adaptor

Initial fitting instructions

  • Loosen the cam bolt allowing the cam handle to hang down. Fit the Pintle Hook Adaptor
    or Coupler Adaptor to the open hitch. Close the hitch and centralize the adaptor. Screw in
    the stabiliser bolts until just clear of the latch (Pintle Hook Adaptor only).
  • Hold the Pintle Hook Adaptor or Coupler Adaptor body firmly against the vehicle hitch
    mount. Allow the cam handle to hang down and slide the cam assembly securely against
    the inside of the pintle hook or coupler horn. Tighten the cam bolt firmly but not fully tight.
  • With the locking pin in place rotate the cam handle up to contact the underside of the
    locking pin. Tighten the cam bolt fully.
  • Remove the locking pin, pull the cam handle up and lock in place with the pin.
  • For Pintle Hook Adaptor only:-
    Screw in the stabilizer bolts against each side of the latch then backs off one turn.
    Tighten lock nuts.

The Adaptor can now be locked in place or removed quickly by rotating the cam handle up or down.

Fodboss Pintle Hoo Adaptor Coupler


Section 7 — Groundforce Tow Hitch and fitting instructions

Tow adaptors required for single FOD*BOSS operation

Fodboss Pavement airfield fod sweeper Procedure


Fodboss Tow Pins Spare Parts

The GROUNDFORCETM Tow Hitch will hold your FOD*BOSS to the tarmac tracking straight
behind the vehicle in windy conditions.

Fitting instructions:

  • Ensure the swing arm is unattached to the main towing arm.
  • Place your GROUNDFORCETM Tow Hitch onto the vehicle tow ball or towing point.
  • Measure the hitch height from the ground as per below diagram.
  • Set the swing arm to the suggested corresponding hole. Important: This is a guide only, never force the swing arm into a position that may cause too much downward pressure on the equipment

NOTE: The Poly-bump is not designed to run along the ground, however, it may rest on the ground when fitting the hitch prior to the commencement of sweeping. It will automatically lift as the vehicle moves.

Fodboss Tarmac Fitting Instructions

Section 8 — Safety Release Tow Hitch and fitting instruction

Fodboss Safety Spare Parts Safety Release Tow Hitch and fitting instruction

Section 9 — Triplex Trailer (-82)

The Triplex Trailer allows operation of three FOD*BOSS Sweepers providing a sweep width of
7m / 24ft.


To avoid premature wear of the rear pivot wheel there must be download on the rear wheel to ensure straight tracking. Please take the following steps to achieve the correct load.

  • With the trailer unhitched adjust the tow adaptor to be level with the tow ball or tow point
  • of the vehicle which would result in a neutral load if hitched, i.e. no down or up load on the tow point.
  • Re-adjust the adaptor down 3 holes on the trailer. When hitched this will cause down load on the rear wheel of the trailer.
  • Observe the rear wheel when in use. It must track straight without fishtailing.
Fodboss Triplex Tailer Spare Parts

The Triplex Trailer can be reduced to operate two FOD*BOSS Sweepers

Triplex trailer has seen here in transport/storage position

Fodboss Triplex Trailer Spare Parts

Triplex and Duplex Trailer Towing Options

Fodboss Triplex and Duplex Trailer Spare Parts

Section 10 — Duplex Bar Operation

The Duplex Hitch System allows operation of two FOD*BOSS Sweepers side by side to provide a 4.8 m / 16ft sweep width.

Fodboss Duplex Bar Operation



This Duplex Bar is not suitable for European Gooseneck style Tow ball. See Section 11 for
connecting to a Gooseneck Tow Ball.

Duplex Pintle hook adaptorDuplex Pintle Hook Adaptor (-78) connects to a (-67)Pintle Hook Adaptor or (-80) Coupler Adaptor



Duplex hitch adaptor (square)Duplex Hitch Square receiver (-61) connects to a 50mm square receiver


Duplex Tow ball Adaptor* Duplex Tow ball Adaptor (-99) connects to 50mm Tow ball


Section 11 — Duplex Trailer (-58) Operation

The Duplex Trailer allows operation of two FOD*BOSS Sweepers side by side to provide a
4.8m/16ft sweep width.

It can connect to any tow point including European Gooseneck style tow ball.
See Section 9 for more information.

Duplex Trailer (-58) Operation


Section 12 — FOD*BOSS Parts Catalogue

FODBOSS Spare Parts Catalogue

Section 13 — FOD*BOSS iPhone Application

FODBOSS iPhone Application


Use your iPhone or iPad to track and log your FOD*BOSS sweeping operations on your device and transfer your data on to a secure log-in database.

Allows you to watch live as you sweep your airfield to see where you have and haven’t swept.

At the end of your FOD*BOSS sweep, your data is transferred to a secure log-in account so you can monitor, compare and share your data.

  • Select either Single, Duplex & Triplex FOD*BOSS sweeps or the essential FOD Walk option.
  • Calculate distance swept (miles or kilometers)
  • Calculate area covered (square feet or meters)
  • Allows you to collect FOD, weigh and record to give a figure per 10,000 square feet/meters. You can then compare one sweep to another
  • Secure log-in so you can see who has swept, where and when. Share the information with others in your network, or make them public so others can view your FOD*BOSS sweeping operations
  • Time and date of sweep

Download Operators Manual in PDF format (.pdf).


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