During the 2003 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia, the FOD* BOSS played a significant role once again in collecting debris from the race track each morning before the first session of racing. Over 500kg was collected over the four day event from the two FOD* BOSS units between 6:00am and 8:30am.The debris ranged from stones, bolts, wire, plastics and leaves, but was mostly made up of sand and dirt. This is the largest amount collected over the 6 years we have been sweeping the circuit. We believe this is due to the drought conditions experienced in Melbourne at the time.

Bruce Keys from Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) said “CAMS national track safety committee continue to be impressed with the amount of foreign objects which the FOD* BOSS picks up after each collection session at Albert Park (Melbourne Formula 1 circuit), especially considering the simplicity of the unit and its ease of use”

Special thanks to track managers Halliburton KBR, and to David Antcliff in particular for their support and co-operation. Already looking forward to 2004!

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