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It is the intent of this specification to describe a FOD*BOSS FOD removal sweeper that is capable of being towed with any motorized vehicle.

The FOD*BOSS is a unique and patented airfield tarmac sweeper designed to remove Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from aircraft movement surfaces. There is no ‘equal’ to the FOD*BOSS system.

It was invented by the company founder, Warwick Tozer in 1994 and consists of heavy duty brushes that activate FOD using the force of friction which is then collected by rows of specially designed and formulated impact resistant Aerothane TM blades that include three ridges and a retaining lip/edge incorporated into the blades to assist in collection and retention of debris. (PAT.NO.U.S. 8,839,878,B2).

All materials are manufactured as all climate formula capable of withstanding temperatures from -35 to +75 deg Celsius (-31F to 167F) . There shall be an air flow mesh cover attached to the FOD*BOSS sweeper which assists the flow of FOD over the blades and into the FOD retaining trays. There shall be 8 blades per row and each row shall be a minimum of 2.4m/ 8 foot wide. The Sweeper can be supplied complete with a tow hitch to attach to a vehicle, or supplied separately as a replacement sweeper assembly.

FOD BOSS patented Debris Retention Blade

A GROUNDFORCETM tow hitch (patent applied for) can be supplied that allows high speed/ high wind sweeping capabilities and can be attached to any vehicle tow point.
It assists to hold the FOD*BOSS down on the tarmac and tracking straight behind the vehicle at all times, even in head wind or when cornering.

The FOD*BOSS incorporates a FODStopTM barrier system ( PAT.APP.NO.AU.2015904568 ) that is incorporated into the capture zones to help retain debris by controlling sideways movement of collected debris.

The FOD*BOSS is MEEP tested (U.S. Military Equipment Evaluation Program) and NATO listed.

The FOD*BOSS works effectively in wet or dry conditions. It has low impact on the sweeping surface to eliminate damage to pavement, lights, and other objects and surfaces which are often associated with a heavy self propelled type sweepers.

The only moving parts consist of x4 tracking wheel assemblies.
The sweeper has a decibel rating below 25.

The unit has two handles at the rear to assist in the removal of FOD from the sweeper. The mesh cover is attached by Velcro and easily removable for cleaning if required.

All FOD*BOSS equipment has worldwide products liability insurance.
The FOD*BOSS Sweeper has an unconditional Lifetime Warranty for the life of the product.
The FOD BOSS has a manufacturer’s serial number which is located on the sweeper assembly.
The FOD*BOSS is available in single (2.4m wide) Duplex (4.8m wide) or Triplex (7m wide) configuration.

All flexible materials are UV stabilized.
All steel components are powder coated and hardware is stainless steel using nyloc nuts.
All locking pins are safety tethered to help ensure they remain attached at all times.

The FOD*BOSS is guaranteed to be the most effective FOD sweeping system in the world.
If at any time the system is proven otherwise, it can be returned to the manufacturer Aerosweep
for a refund.


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