Once again, Aerosweep’s FOD*BOSS sweepers were contracted to sweep Melbourne’s Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit at Albert Park.

This year Albert Park track management also requested a pre-race sweep to collect debris which had accumulated around the track from the 4 lead up races on the Sunday morning.

One Duplex system and 1 single system were used to cover the entire racing surface. Because time was of the essence, only 2 laps were completed, but in those 2 laps using a total of 3 FOD*BOSS’ a staggering 38kg of debris was collected. This is a considerable amount of debris buil-up given that the track had previously been swept clean in the morning removing over 100kg of debris.

Over the four days of the event a total of just under 500Kg of debris was removed from the track. It mostly consisted of dust/sand, gravel, rubber and leaves, but as usual there were the odd pieces of nuts and bolts, bottle tops, car bits and washers.

We look forward to taking part again in 2005.