Ultimate Jet Engine Protection – Don’t trust anything else.


Compare to the FOD*BOSS PATRIOT

When protecting your Air Force, Airport, or Airline there is no other FOD sweeper that comes close to the performance of the ultimate FOD*BOSS.

This sweeper is our MIL-SPEC model and fully equipped with our ground-breaking and patented Debris Retention Blade Technology, Triple Elevator Blades & FODStop Barriers, which is the secret behind its unbeatable sweeping performance. Also included is our FOD*BOSS Groundforce Tow Hitch to keep your sweeper stable under extreme conditions, keeping FOD secure.

Beware of imitators and copies, nothing compares when you need the safest most effective FOD sweeper to protect your Air Force, Airport or Airline. No substitute airfield sweeper has the following critical technology


  • , FOD*BOSS ULTIMATEPatented Debris Retention Blade
  • Patented Triple Elevator Blade
  • Patent App. FODStop Barrier System
  • Patent App. Groundforce Tow Hitch
  • Patented Pintle Hook Adapter (Optional)
  • 4500miles/7000 km + Lifespan
  • High Speed Capable 40mph/60kph
  • 10 year Guarantee/Warranty
  • Impact/Abrasion Resistant Blades
  • Headwind Sweeping Capable
  • Extra Heavy Duty Mesh Cover
  • 10 Year Accidental Damage Cover
  • High Speed Capable 40mph/60kph
  • GPS Sweep Tracker

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