FOD*BOSS Patriot

The FOD*BOSS had no competition, so we created some.

, FOD*BOSS Patriot

Compare to the FOD*BOSS ULTIMATE

Built by the leaders in FOD prevention for over 20 years, from the same DNA as The FOD*BOSS ULTIMATE, the new FOD*BOSS PATRIOT from Aerosweep is all about high performance airfield sweeping at extraordinary value.

The FOD*BOSS PATRIOT was created to get more people using our remarkable FOD sweeping technology at a better price. The latest sweeper also includes our unique and patented FOD*BOSS Debris Retention Blade System. Greater affordability has made the FOD*BOSS PATRIOT the choice of many Airports, Airlines and Military Bases looking for a fast, cost effective airfield sweeper.

, FOD*BOSS PatriotPerformance airfield FOD removal at a price point, without compromising quality or safety.

No substitute sweeper has the following critical technology.

  • Patented Debris Retention Blade
  • 3500 miles/ 5600 km + Lifespan
  • Heavy Duty Aerobrush Bristle
  • Stop/Start FOD Retention
  • High Speed Capable 30mph/50kph
  • FOD*BOSS Tow Hitch
  • Impact/ Abrasion Resistant Blades
  • ┬áHeavy Duty Mesh Cover
  • 12 month Guarantee/Warranty
  • 12 Month Accidental damage Cover
  • GPS Sweep Tracker

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, FOD*BOSS Patriot

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