FOD*BOSS GroundForce Hitch

Our Innovations

The all-new FOD*BOSS GROUNDFORCE™ tow hitch is the latest innovation to the FOD*BOSS range allowing even faster and more efficient sweeping capabilities. The (patent applied for) wind resistant hitch is easier to use, has greater height adjustment to suit all vehicles, holds your FOD*BOSS to the tarmac tracking straight behind the vehicle at all times, even when cornering. When teamed up with the FOD*BOSS you have an unbeatable combination to combat strong headwind. No other sweeper comes close to rivaling this crucial capability. The GROUNDFORCE™ hitch is more portable; folded flat it can be rolled up inside your FOD*BOSS Sweeper for easy transport, or it can be detached in seconds. It can be retrofitted to your existing FOD*BOSS.

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