Need a Machine for Sweeping in WA? Try a FOD Sweeper

WA is well known for being an arid region with a harsh climate, which is why it’s extra important to keep important areas free from debris to prevent unnecessary equipment damage. Airstrips, roadways and tarmacs in WA need to be kept functional around the clock so that incoming vehicles aren’t adversely affected by sand, rocks, and other unwanted material that could damage their sensitive mechanical components. If you operate an airstrip of any size, you have some idea of just how expensive aeroplanes are and how carefully they need to be maintained. To avoid the sky-high maintenance costs associated with damaged aircraft, you’ll want to make sure they always have a clean place to land.

The best way to facilitate this is to purchase a FOD sweeper for your WA tarmacs. FOD (Foreign Object Debris) is a major safety concern on any flat open spaces typically used by fast vehicles and heavy machinery. Whether you’re dealing with rocks or sand, it’s important to keep any objects that could interfere with the performance of a vehicle out of that vehicle’s path—especially in the case of planes or other airborne conveyances that carry passengers. In heavy desert areas like WA, this is even more important, since debris can easily find its way onto a road or runway.

Some airports use general vacuum sweeping type equipment, but a quality FOD machine will serve WA facilities much more effectively in almost every case. This is because premium FOD sweeping is a good deal more energy efficient than standard vacuum sweepers, and uses only 10% of the average energy that they consume. As a result, well-made FOD sweepers also put less strain on the environment, which can help your business remain as eco-friendly as possible.

The FOD*BOSS is, without a doubt, the best FOD machine available in WA or anywhere else on the planet. That might sound like a bold claim, but data doesn’t lie. The FOD*BOSS is used around the globe by government and civilian facilities alike and is the sweeper of choice for every major air force in the world. The RAF, RAAF and USAF are just a few of the pedigreed organisations that choose FOD*BOSS to keep their landing strips safe and their tarmacs tidy.

A FOD Sweeper in WA for Any Runway

Not all runways are the same, which leads some people to question whether or not the same sweeper can be used on all of them. The FOD*BOSS is capable of sweeping a variety of different surfaces though, which makes it ideal for use on everything from grooved runways to interlocking block pavements. Using the FOD*BOSS once every 20 to 30 minutes of sweeping can collect between ¼ to ½ of a kg of debris every lineal kilometre, which accounts for over 99% of all FOD typically found on these surfaces.

Contact Aerosweep and Obtain Your FOD*BOSS Today

FOD*BOSS is used throughout the world, so it’s widely available. Aerosweep maintains relationships with a global network of distributors so that interested customers can always find a FOD*BOSS near them. If there isn’t a distributor in your immediate vicinity, you can also contact Aerosweep directly. We’ll be happy to help you purchase one of the best sweeping machines available anywhere.


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