Your New Sweeping Machine in VIC Should be a Quality FOD Sweeper

Foreign Object Debris can be a huge challenge for airports. The term refers to any kind of material alien to a system of machinery that could cause damage when introduced to it. In the case of aeroplanes, this can include rocks, luggage hardware, various metallic and nonmetallic objects, sand and other items that commonly make their ways onto roads and runways. If you want to keep your aircraft, employees and visitors safe from harm at all times, keeping FOD away from your tarmacs is a must. The question is how to do it best.

Fortunately, there are machines designed specifically for this purpose. Purchasing an FOD machine in VIC will bring down your maintenance and operating costs considerably since it can rid your tarmacs of nearly anything that could cause damage to the aircraft on them. You’ll probably want to do a little comparison shopping before you settle on the FOD sweeper for your VIC airport, though. After all, if you plan to invest in technology to keep your airport safe, you should make sure you’re getting a top of the line product.

FOD sweeping in VIC is easiest when you purchase a FOD*BOSS system. Manufactured by Aerosweep since 1994, the FOD*BOSS is widely regarded as one of the best FOD sweeping units available anywhere in the world. This is evidenced by the fact that the RAAF, RAF, USAF and many other major military air forces worldwide all swear by FOD*BOSS as the best way to keep their runways debris-free. With unparalleled power, a surprisingly simple interface and enviable energy efficiency, there’s literally nothing like the FOD*BOSS to protect your tarmacs.

The Most Effective FOD Sweeping System in VIC… and the World

The FOD*BOSS is the industry leader in debris removal, due to its 22ft/7m sweep width and top speed of 30mph/50kph—even in inclement weather. Such specs make the FOD*BOSS a popular choice for airports around the entire world, whether they’re small airstrips in rural regions or bustling hubs in major metropolitan areas. Aerosweep has continued to upgrade the FOD*BOSS over the years too, so as to ensure that it’s always the best choice available. It also comes with flexible options to suit all budgets, meaning that no matter what kind of an airport you run, the FOD*BOSS is perfect for it.

Unsatisfied? Return for a Full Refund

The FOD*BOSS is designed to be the best machine of its kind anywhere in the world, but if for some reason it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can always take it back. Always. Aerosweep is so sure the FOD*BOSS is the best thing on the market that the company offers an unconditional lifetime money back guarantee on every single sweeper. That way, if your FOD*BOSS doesn’t live up to any of the hype, you have nothing at all to lose. Given the number of customers who swear by FOD*BOSS, that doesn’t seem likely prospect, though. Contact a distributor today or go directly to the FOD*BOSS HQ for more information.


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