Why a FOD Sweeping Machine Should be Your Next Sweeper in SA

Have you given much thought to the technology that you’re using to keep debris off of your runway? If you haven’t, then you ought to. Keeping a runway, road or any other kind of tarmac free from Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is an essential part of making sure it’s always safe to use. Trying to land on a runway with stones or metallic objects strewn across it can be incredibly dangerous, and can also cause considerable damage to the craft trying to set down there. The same goes for land vehicles trying to traverse cluttered roadways. You can avoid accidents and equipment loss by making sure that your surfaces are free from FOD at all times, but how? There’s a variety of technology you could use for such a purpose, but you shouldn’t take chances with anything but the best.

When looking for a FOD machine in the SA area, consider the investment carefully. It may be worth it for you to purchase a machine that requires little maintenance and uses energy efficiently so that you’ll always have it ready when you need it and keep your utility costs down. Finding an environmentally friendly and lightweight unit that still cleans debris from your surfaces in a reliable way certainly narrows down the available options, but it’s still entirely possible to find such a FOD sweeping unit in SA.

Try the FOD*BOSS, one of the most popular FOD sweeper options from SA to Ontario. Used by nearly every major military air force in the world and an ever-increasing number of civilian facilities, the FOD*BOSS is a unique product that offers environmental friendliness, ease of use and a powerful cleaning capacity in one versatile package. Manufactured by Aerosweep since the early 1990s, FOD*BOSS has become the gold standard for airport, road and track maintenance in every relevant industry.

Get a FOD Machine in SA that Reduces Your Costs

Purchasing quality cleaning equipment is an investment that pays off in noticeable ways over time because it saves your business from having to pay for damaged equipment. Aircraft damage can cost an airport billions, so a machine that keeps runways clear is the best way to avoid losses. Energy efficient machines like the FOD*BOSS save you even more money because they use considerably less power than standard vacuums and are easier to maintain. You can save up to 90% of what you would spend operating regular vacuum sweeping equipment by purchasing a FOD*BOSS.

Easy to Purchase

You don’t have to go too far afield to get your hands on a FOD*BOSS for sweeping your airstrip either. We have a wide range of distributors around the globe, and you can also order any of our options by going directly to FOD*BOSS HQ. Make sure you take the best possible care of your tarmacs. Contact Aerosweep today to ask about our pricing, features, lifetime guarantee and more. We look forward to hearing about how we can meet your equipment needs.

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