In the Market for a Sweeper? Purchase a FOD Machine for Sweeping in QLD

Imagine how dirty your kitchen at home would be if you never swept it. After a while, it wouldn’t just be a question of cleanliness—it would be a matter of safety. Now imagine that instead of a kitchen you’re dealing with an entire airport and that instead of people tripping over things, you have to worry about aeroplanes being able to land safely. If you want to keep a facility like that functioning, you will need an awful lot more than brooms and dustpans. That’s why technology like the FOD machine exists. QLD airports can put themselves at a major advantage by purchasing one of these modules, which pick up FOD (Foreign Object Debris) effectively.

Purchasing an FOD sweeper in QLD can require a bit of research to make sure that you choose the correct make and model. You have to look at technology that will save you money over time by choosing technology that is easy to maintain and operate. It’s also advantageous to purchase an energy efficient unit so that you can keep the costs of using it low and reduce your effect on the environment. Finally, consider user-friendliness. The best technology for a large facility like an airport will be the kind that any of your employees can use, without lengthy training, should the need arise.

The FOD*BOSS is a sweeping machine manufactured by Aerosweep that has set the gold standard for FOD sweeping in QLD and many other parts of the world since the early 1990s. It collects over 99% of all FOD, making it faster and more reliable than any other piece of airfield sweeping equipment ever invented. Using this FOD sweeper keeps your QLD airport as clean and safe as can be, making it a sound investment in the future of any airport.

A FOD Sweeper to Save QLD Airports $$$

Accident prevention and aesthetic appeal are two important reasons to keep your airfield clean, but there’s another important reason to use the best FOD machine in the industry for this job. Clean airfields can save aeroplanes from incredibly costly damage. In many cases, the amount of damage an airport can prevent by keeping clean tarmacs at all times is in the billions of dollars. The takeaway? Investing in a quality sweeper now can make you a lot more successful down the road.

Easy to Learn and Use

The FOD*BOSS has other qualities that make it stand out in its field. One of these is its particularly low learning curve—in fact, the FOD*BOSS requires no special skill or experience to operate whatsoever. This makes using the FOD*BOSS extraordinarily fast and efficient. Whatever you need to pick up from your runway, Aerosweep can help. Look for the FOD*BOSS from any one of our distributors in your area, and outfit your airport with technology that will always keep your airport and the people who use it safe and sanitary.


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