Want a FOD Sweeper? What Your NSW Business Needs to Know About a Sweeping Machine

If you manage any facility that relies on a tarmac, you’ve probably heard of the term FOD before. Just in case you haven’t, though, FOD stands for Foreign Object Debris—and it’s one of the biggest problems you can run into on an airfield, racetrack, or other hard surface that large amounts of machinery travel over on a regular basis. Foreign Object Debris refers to any object that could enter a system and affect its ability to work properly. This could refer to stones, small parts of machinery or cargo, and even sand, which is particularly good at getting into engines via small openings and causing extensive damage. It’s in your best interests to protect any equipment travelling over your tarmac from this kind of difficulty, which is why you’ll want to make sure your hard surfaces are always kept clear and clean. The best way to do this is by purchasing a FOD sweeper for your NSW facility. These are special machines designed for FOD sweeping, and many NSW industries rely on them to keep operating without the threat of mechanical damage from items that aren’t supposed to be present on site during operations.

It’s important that you purchase the kind of FOD machine that your NSW facility can benefit from, which means you’ll want to look into all the different available options before you make a choice. Purchasing a machine that fits your budget and the scope of your operation is essential because it will save you from buying a machine too elaborate or not effective enough to support your work. If you have a modest rural airport, for instance, you probably don’t need to purchase a FOD machine with a triplex configuration, as these are generally used for cleaning large areas of turf quickly. You could probably get by with a single machine, which would cost less on the front end and allow you to move it with a simple tug.

The Best Sweeper on the Market

Aerosweep offers a variety of different solutions with the FOD*BOSS, a premium FOD machine used by a huge range of different companies all over the world. From small private tarmacs to large commercial and industrial sites, and even including various military applications, the FOD*BOSS can remove debris of many kinds from hard surfaces and help protect the equipment stationed there.

Options for Your FOD Sweeper in NSW

FOD*BOSS can be adapted for use in facilities of any size. It’s easy to pull a single module with a lightweight vehicle not much larger than a golf cart, which is perfect for airport tarmacs that heavier machinery could damage. If you’re working on roads, it might be more effective to hook several units up to the back of a single pickup truck and cover a wider area. Since the FOD*BOSS remains effective at speeds of up to 30mph/50kmph, this is an extraordinarily good strategy for track cleaning.


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