FOD Boss Duplex Trailer / Duplex Tow Bar

  • Duplex Trailer / Duplex Tow Bar

    Using the Duplex Adaptor, you can team two FOD*BOSS units to cover a huge 4.8m(16ft) in every sweeping pass. Now you can sweep up to 240,000 sq metres(2.58 million sq ft) per hour.

    The Duplex in action and alternate towing arrangements.

    The Duplex Trailer (Part# -58) and Duplex Bar ( part# -57) allows operation of two FOD*BOSS Sweepers side by side to provide a
    4.8m/16ft sweep width.

    The Duplex Bar has telescopic arms to that reduce in length when not in use and is suitable for a 50mm tow ball connection in conjunction with a -99 adaptor.

    See video of Duplex Bar installation here

    The Duplex Trailer is suitable for connecting directly onto  a European style swan neck tow ball.

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