FOD Boss Duplex Trailer / Duplex Tow Bar

  • Duplex Trailer / Duplex Tow Bar

    Using the Duplex Adaptor, you can team two FOD*BOSS units to cover a huge 4.8m(16ft) in every sweeping pass.

    The Duplex in action and alternate towing arrangements.

    The Duplex Trailer (Part# -58) and Duplex Bar ( part# -57) allows operation of two FOD*BOSS Sweepers side by side to provide a
    4.8m/16ft sweep width.

    The Duplex Bar has telescopic arms to that reduce in length when not in use and is suitable for a 50mm tow ball connection in conjunction with a -99 adaptor.

    See video of Duplex Bar installation here

    The Duplex Trailer is suitable for connecting directly onto  a European style swan neck tow ball.

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