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Any material that should not be found on an airport taxiway, ramp, runway or airfield is classified as Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and must be removed to increase safety and reduce aircraft damage. Metallic and non-metallic FOD such as stones, gravel, nails, luggage hardware, sand, nuts and bolts, pavement fragments, pose a significant safety hazard if ignored or left undetected. FOD can be ingested into jet engines via vortex suction, puncture aircraft tires, damage propellers, and can cause deadly aircraft accidents. It has been reported that FOD incidents cause billions of dollars in damages each year. For these reasons, Airports, Military Air Force Bases, and Airlines devote a considerable amount of time and energy to the task of removing the threat of FOD from tarmac areas where aircraft are active.

Your Ultimate Military, Race Track and Airport Runway Sweeper

To get rid of FOD, Airports, Air Forces, and Airlines use a variety of options including vacuums trucks, magnetic bars, and rotary brooms. None of these can match Aerosweep's multi-patented FOD*BOSS Sweeping System ( PAT.NO.U.S. 8,839,878,B2) for effectiveness to sweep up and remove Foreign Object Debris. This high speed, low cost FOD sweeper invented by Aerosweep in 1994 works using the force of friction on concrete, asphalt, fine textured spray seal, smooth or grooved, in wet or dry conditions. With sweep widths of 8ft/2.4m, 16ft/4.8m, or 24ft/ 7.3m the FOD*BOSS can work at speeds up to 40mph/ 60kph. The complete unit is portable and folds away into a roller/storage bag in minutes. It is easy to use and can be towed by any vehicle. The FOD*BOSS is used and trusted by every major Air Force worldwide and comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee on parts even if accidently damaged. The FOD*BOSS is sold globally through a network of distributors and is guaranteed to be the world's fastest most effective Foreign Object Debris Sweeper or your money back.

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FOD BOSS Duplex Debris Sweeper

FOD*BOSS Military

Protecting Jets Since 1994.

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FOD*BOSS For General Aviation

Maintain your airfield with the latest FOD*BOSS Phase 4 from Aerosweep.

Car on racing track

FOD*BOSS TrackSweep

Fast, efficient and affordable the TRACKSWEEP is easy to use and will eliminate race track debris in a single pass at speeds up to 40 km per hour.

FOD Truck

Important Information about FOD prevention, control and removal

The FOD*BOSS is the only sweeper that conforms to the FAA specifications for this category.


Our customers's are the true measure of the FOD*BOSS's success read some of them here

I have used the FOD*BOSS product when I was in the F-14 community and it saved millions of dollars in fodded engines.
Once we received the FOD*BOSS, we did not have another fodded engine until we went to the ship. So with that, I say thank you!

— U.S Military VAW-121 AMO

Our first FOD*BOSS unit in Atlanta was approximately 2 ½ years old and used daily. It’s estimated that the unit acquired between 8,000-8,500 miles of usage picking up an estimated 32,000 lbs. of debris (Potential FOD). Calculations were based on 800 + days of usage, 10 miles per day and 40 lbs. per day of debris collected. Today, we still believe in the FOD*BOSS and continue to use daily.
— Operations Safety & Audit Manager, AirTran Airways USA

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Sweeping the aviation world since 1994

The FOD*BOSS is distributed world-wide through a global network of trusted partners.  We have distributors across Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania and South America.

Please contact our head office in Australia for your local distributor details.

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FOD*BOSS Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee