Aerosweep Speed Sweeping Solution

FOD*BOSS, an advanced sweeping system designed to remove foreign object debris from runways and airfields, is perfectly suited for FOD sweeping in road construction applications. Our single equipment sweeper is eight feet wide and effective at up to 40 mph. The benefits of this unbeatable system include a compact, portable design; low maintenance; and removal of debris such as sand, stones, nuts and bolts, nails, and even chunks of loose pavement. You can save money and improve safety across numerous FOD*BOSS applications.

FOD*BOSS Features

The FOD*BOSS system has many innovative features, including a debris retention blade. Elevator ribs help capture debris, which then passes over internal barriers that create individual capture zones. Debris is secured by FODStop barriers so it can’t slide sideways during cornering. The FOD*BOSS is secured by a specialized wind-resistant tow hitch so it remains level with the ground during use.

Each system has a 7,000 km lifespan and runs quietly, at below 25 decibels. It can operate in wet or dry environments. A low impact on the sweeping surface and mesh cover protect surfaces and objects. Tracking wheels help guide the sweeper along as it is being towed. Heavy-duty brushes allow the collection of FOD using friction.

The result is a road surface free of loose objects that can damage heavy-duty equipment or passenger vehicles and cause serious injuries.

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Aerosweep’s FOD*BOSS system is trusted by global superbrands and is completely maintenance free. Serving numerous industries, we offer various types of equipment, including single, duplex, and triplex sweepers; the FOD*BOSS Patriot; and MIL-SPEC FOD*BOSS Ultimate, not to mention our versatile wall aero planner to help schedule FOD cleaning. To learn more about our products and ultimate 10-year guarantee, or to receive your quote,  fill out the form below.


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