Beware of FOD*BOSS Imitations & Knock-offs

WARNING: Beware of FOD*BOSS Imitations & Knock-offs

What looks like a bargain may turn out to be unsafe and very expensive.

An imitation copy of a FOD*BOSS sweeper goes hand in hand with reduced safety to aircraft and people, shorter life, and poor performance. Safety in aviation is paramount, and FOD removal is a serious issue. Highly sensitive military jets, commercial airlines, and airports in general should not jeopardize their safety by using imitation knock off sweeping equipment.

FOD*BOSS Sweepers are characterized by our unique and patented Debris Retention Blade™ ensuring the safest sweeper available. When teamed up with our FOD*BOSS Groundforce Tow Hitch™ and FODStop™ Barrier System you have an unbeatable FOD removal system. Often the counterfeit sweepers  break down and fall apart after only a short time in use. Failure testimonials  are available upon request.

Often these imitations will collect some debris only to spill it back onto the tarmac in large piles when the towing vehicle slows, corners, or stop/starts. Alarmingly, the operator may not even be aware this is happening. The operator may actually be creating a more  dangerous  FOD hazard on the tarmac or runway, than not sweeping at all.

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Our FOD*BOSS Friction Sweeping System changed the course of aviation sweeping forever in 1994 and has become a focus of attention for imitators. Copies are deceptively made to look like the original FOD*BOSS  product, in appearance only and have nothing in common with the performance of the patented  FOD*BOSS design and should be avoided at all cost.

How can you protect yourself? Aerosweep distributes the FOD*BOSS products with a unique serial number exclusively through its network of specialist  dealers thus guaranteeing original products, service and advice. Check our website for your local dealer or contact us direct for assistance at so you can be sure of getting genuine  FOD*BOSS equipment  and quality, and not some cheap and dangerous imitation.

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