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The Threats a Tarmac Debris Cleaner & FOD Sweeper Protect Against in QLD

Over a century after the initial development of the aeroplane, air travel now dominates the world as the fastest way to move people and goods. Planes find use in many capacities, from military roles to fire-fighting duties. The logistics needed to …read more.

Keep the Tarmac Cleaner and Free from Debris in VIC With the FOD*BOSS System

Each day, airports and the overseers of their operations must contend with a variety of challenges. From keeping air traffic in order and well-directed to managing security concerns and supervising the flow of work on the tarmac, there’s an enormous …read more.

Easily Protect NSW Tarmac With the FOD*BOSS Cleaner, a Highly Efficient Debris Sweeper

At any airfield, it’s the ground crews that really keep things moving throughout the day. From loading or unloading luggage and cargo from aeroplanes to managing fuelling equipment and more, the tarmac crew has a lot to handle each day. Therefore, any way …read more.

Choose a Tarmac Sweeper in SA That Traps More Debris & Yields Cleaner Results Every Pass

The scope of modern air infrastructure is difficult to grasp. It involves many different “moving parts” that must continue to function even in trying circumstances. For example, except for very severe storms or high winds, most airfields continue to …read more.

Ensure Greater Aircraft Safety with a Tarmac Debris Sweeper and Cleaner in WA

Pilots and aircraft personnel are trained to take countless safety precautions every time they prepare for takeoff. Whether the aircraft is a military vessel or a commercial passenger jet, these precautions take into account everything from the …read more.

Buy the FOD*BOSS Sweeper for Roads, Runways and Airports in QLD—All with a Performance Guarantee

For runways, airport hangers and other stretches of tarmac where aircraft traffic is common, a complete absence of rocks, glass, luggage hardware and other Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is a must. Unfortunately, just like rocks and glass make their way into …read more.

Prevent Damage to Aircraft with Dependable Airport, Runway and Road Sweepers in VIC

The average cost of a commercial jet is more than $100 million. Other types of aircraft—from military jets to cargo planes and beyond—are extremely costly as well. Needless to say, airports, military bases and other airfields need to go to great …read more.

A High-Speed Sweeping Solution for High-Speed Environments: FOD*BOSS Works as a Road Sweeper, Runway Sweeper and Airport Sweeper in NSW

At Aerosweep, our FOD*BOSS system is known first and foremost as an airport sweeper. Ever since its invention, the FOD*BOSS has been a go-to runway sweeper in NSW and around the world. However, the FOD*BOSS is also seen as a dependable solution for …read more.

Save on Operating Costs with a More Efficient Road Sweeper or Airport Runway Sweeper in SA

Many road sweepers in SA—from street sweeping trucks to airport runway sweepers—use a vacuum-like system to clean up debris. These vacuum-type machines and vehicles are even seen as the ‘norm’ in the sweeping equipment industry. However, while some of …read more.

Use the Most Effective Airport, Runway and Road Sweeper Available in WA

Everybody likes a clean airport, but the runway is perhaps the most important part of any airport to keep clear. This is more than just an aesthetic consideration—it’s actually an important part of keeping an airport safe. Aircraft and airfield personnel …read more.

In the Market for a Sweeper? Purchase a FOD Machine for Sweeping in QLD

Imagine how dirty your kitchen at home would be if you never swept it. After a while, it wouldn’t just be a question of cleanliness—it would be a matter of safety. Now imagine that instead of a kitchen you’re dealing with an entire airport and that …read more.

Your New Sweeping Machine in VIC Should be a Quality FOD Sweeper

Foreign Object Debris can be a huge challenge for airports. The term refers to any kind of material alien to a system of machinery that could cause damage when introduced to it. In the case of aeroplanes, this can include rocks, luggage hardware …read more.

Want a FOD Sweeper? What Your NSW Business Needs to Know About a Sweeping Machine

If you manage any facility that relies on a tarmac, you’ve probably heard of the term FOD before. Just in case you haven’t, though, FOD stands for Foreign Object Debris—and it’s one of the biggest problems you can run into on an airfield …read more.

Why a FOD Sweeping Machine Should be Your Next Sweeper in SA

Have you given much thought to the technology that you’re using to keep debris off of your runway? If you haven’t, then you ought to. Keeping a runway, road or any other kind of tarmac free from Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is an essential part of making.

Need a Machine for Sweeping in WA? Try a FOD Sweeper

WA is well known for being an arid region with a harsh climate, which is why it’s extra important to keep important areas free from debris to prevent unnecessary equipment damage. Airstrips, roadways and tarmacs in WA need to be kept functional …read more.


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