FOD Sweeper Applications – Race Tracks

TRACK SWEEP: FOD*BOSS System for Racetracks

Aerosweep has developed a version of its FOD*BOSS sweeper for the motor sports industry. Foreign Object Debris, or FOD, is as much of a threat to vehicles on the track as it is to aircraft, equipment, and personnel in the aviation industry. For 20 years, the world’s largest motor racing events have relied on the FOD*BOSS to sweep debris and maintain a safe environment for competitors, personnel, and spectators. Keeping the track system clean at any facility is important as vehicles move at extremely high speeds.

Using the exact same technology* as the FOD*BOSS, the modified design of the TRACK SWEEP allows for a greater amount of debris collection. It has been tested to ensure it provides optimal foreign object debris prevention where gravel, rubber, and car parts can pose serious risks. Fast, efficient, and affordable, the FOD control system eliminates racetrack debris in a single pass at speeds up to 40 km per hour.

A Sweeping System Built for Your FOD Needs

The FOD*BOSS system is designed to efficiently collect debris and contain it in capture zones. Captured debris also cannot escape the sweeper. See our special features here. The system is easily installed and towed behind any vehicle. The TRACK SWEEP also available in a selection of sweep widths to accommodate different applications, including:

  • The Triplex system: Covers 7.3 metres of track width in one pass.
  • The Duplex system: Covers 4.8 metres of track width in one pass.
  • The Single system: Covers 2.4 metres of track width in one pass.

The FOD*BOSS sweeper can be used on concrete or asphalt and is attached to a vehicle via tow hitch. It is silent and environmentally clean. Foreign objects are drawn in by heavy-duty brushes, while collected debris is retained by impact-resistant Aerothane™ blades. Otherwise, small objects can impact or become lodged in a race car, potentially overheating the engine, triggering a fire, or causing the driver to lose control.

Customize TRACK SWEEP to Your Requirements

We have a range of adaptors and accessories to match any vehicle. These include the FOD*BOSS replacement mat, safety release tow hitch, and tracking wheel assembly. These products are available now for our Single, Duplex, and Triplex systems.

*FOD*BOSS is NATO listed and trusted and operated by NASA, the world’s major air forces, Boeing, Red Bull Racing, MotoGP, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and more.

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Aerosweep has developed advanced sweeping systems for racetracks, airports, and military installations based on decades of development. Our product has been adapted for general aviation and even road construction. To learn more about how the FOD*BOSS sweeper can work for your motor sports facility and get a quote, call us at +61 (0) 3 9894 2100.

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