FOD Sweeper for Race Tracks

Race Tracks

After consultation with the industry, Aerosweep has developed a product specific to the unique needs of motor sport. For 20 years the world’s largest motor racing events have relied on the FOD*BOSS to sweep debris and maintain a safe environment for competitors and spectators. Using exactly the same technology* as the FOD*BOSS, and modifying the design to allow a greater amount of debris collection to cater for gravel, rubber and car parts, the TRACK SWEEP is the tested and proven ultimate track sweeper.

Fast, efficient and affordable the TRACK SWEEP is easy to use and will eliminate race track debris in a single pass at speeds up to 40 km per hour.

The Triplex system, towed easily behind any vehicle, will cover 7 metres of the track width in one pass. The Duplex system and Single system will cover 4.8 metres and 2.4 metres of the track respectively in one pass.

We have a range of adapters and accessories to match any vehicle.
*FOD*BOSS is NATO listed and trusted and operated by NASA, the World’s major Air Forces, Boeing, Red Bull Racing, MotoGP, Mercedes Benz, Audi and more.

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