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Our Airport Sweeper is specially engineered to quickly remove dirt and grime and debris from runways, which can be especially dangerous to aircraft. Over time, dirt, rubber, and more build up on runways. These are inherent safety hazards to passengers, crew members, and aircraft pilots. FOD removal is important not only on runways, but also taxiways, fueling areas, baggage claim zones, and parking lots.

Foreign object debris presents dangers during takeoff, landing, and taxiing. Regular maintenance removes this through runway sweeping, while FOD prevention avoids situations where debris can disrupt airport operations.

Importance of Airport Runway Cleaning

FOD removal is important because, otherwise, buildup can:

  • Create slippery and dangerous conditions caused by rubber accumulating on runways from plane wheels.
  • Obscure or distort lines and markings on runways so pilots have difficulty identifying them.
  • Reduce the efficiency of airports where a large number of passengers fly in and out of daily.

Without adequate cleaning methods and practices, airports must deal with FOD costs due to disrupted operations and delayed/cancelled flights, unscheduled maintenance, aircraft changes, and fuel expenses. In fact, INSIGHT SRI Ltd. estimated in 2008 that FOD costs airlines as much as $12 billion annually.

Airlines rely on the smooth travel of passengers for revenue. If service is constantly disrupted, so will the flow of cash. Sweeping equipment from Aerosweep allows airport crews to clean runway surfaces quickly, so service is smooth and timely and there are minimal disruptions and inconveniences.

How the FOD*BOSS Helps

The best bet for effective FOD removal is to have a system that:

  • Is accessible
  • Is easy to use
  • Doesn’t require special skills or licensure
  • Can be easily transported on site
  • Can be used in close proximity to aircraft
  • Quickly picks up various types of debris
  • Requires little maintenance

FOD*BOSS can pick up nuts, bolts, rivets, washers, sand, gravel, and pavement fragments at up to 40 kilometres per hour. A tow hitch with a safety release is included, and the unit can be quickly transported and unfolded to deal with urgent problems. The system features a Debris Retention Blade™ to capture debris and the FODStop™ Barrier System to prevent the sideways sliding of captured debris.

A typical suction sweeper can cover 36,000 m2/hr, while the standard FOD*BOSS can handle 60,000 m2/hr of pavement sweeping. The Duplex model can cover 120,000 m2/hr, while the Triplex unit covers up to 175,000 m2/hr.

A State-of-the-Art FOD Sweeper to Maximize Runway Safety

A U.S. Air Force base reported zero FOD incidents after our product was deployed. Fast deployment and efficient cleanup mean runway conditions are kept as safe as possible. A reliable product is critical as well. Our unit has no motor, so, therefore, no noise and no risk of breakdowns at inconvenient times. It is always available to efficiently remove FOD, so aircraft, pilots, crew members, airport staff, and passengers can stick to their schedules and remain safe.

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