Air Force FOD Sweeper for Military Operations

Military Operations – Air Force Fod Sweeper  – War Readiness Kit – Forward Role

The FOD*BOSS is a precision FOD removal system proven to be outstanding in its ability to prevent Foreign Object Damage to the highly vulnerable jet engines of fighter aircraft.

Compact and portable, the FOD* BOSS affords incredible versatility and convenience to Forward Operations Units preparing for military exercises at short notice and at under-equipped or seldom-utilised bases.

Low-cost and easy operations mean individual squadrons can ensure their own front line FOD control.

Air Force Tested – NATO Listed

Air Forces around the world have tested and now operate the FOD* BOSS; these include the USAF, RAF, RAAF, Italian AF, Canadian AF, and defence forces in France, Belgium, Spain, and Finland. The FOD* BOSS has been allocated NATO stock numbers 3825-66-123-7130 and 3825-66-123-7132.

The FOD*BOSS is now standard equipment at military bases around the world. Read our United States Air Force evaluation report (.pdf, 372KB).

The FOD*BOSS is used by all major Air Forces worldwide.

The Urgency of FOD Prevention at Military Bases

Foreign Object Debris comprises rubber from aircraft tires, aircraft parts, nails, nuts, bolts, stones, broken up pavement, and tools. These pose major safety hazards at airfields. A debris management program consisting of visual inspections and debris collection systems such as sweepers, vacuums, and magnetic equipment is critical. Tarmac cleaning is essential because of the many dangers posed by debris on airfields. Debris can:

  • Make it hard for pilots to see markings and lines on runways.
  • Be drawn into aircraft engines, causing severe damage and accidents.
  • Cut through an aircraft’s tires.
  • Become lodged in important mechanical systems.

Airfield maintenance should, therefore, be performed regularly on runways, taxiways, and at loading ramps and aircraft parking zones. Debris can also cause trouble at refueling, loading and unloading, or boarding areas. It effects can be quite costly, ranging from failed missions and programs to aircraft requiring extensive repairs or being taken out of commission.

Military operations are especially vulnerable to FOD because aircraft are often deployed on short notice, with little time to react. The cost and operation of the FOD* BOSS are worth it when you consider how implementation has benefited airfields it has been used in. At one U.S. airbase, zero FOD incidents were reported after the FOD sweeper was put into commission at the end of 1999.

Any aircraft passing over metal debris, for example, can be put in danger. A metal object can easily shred a tire and cause a pilot to lose control. It can also cause debris to strike other parts of the plane, including the fuel tank. A fuel leak can be devastating, potentially causing fires and explosions that lead to complete property loss and death.

Air Force FOD Sweeper for Removal and Damage Prevention

For Foreign Object Debris to be removed, it must first be detected. Various detection systems have been put into place, including radar, camera, and video systems that scan runways and other surfaces. You also need efficient equipment for FOD control and to remove any debris found.

The FOD* BOSS is incredibly versatile. It prevents foreign object damage through an effective system for collecting and containing all sorts of debris. Towed behind the back of a utility vehicle, it has no motor, so, therefore, cannot break down. No maintenance is required, and the system, which is noise-free, can be quickly deployed to where it is needed.

Rapid deployment and transport mean there are minimal disruptions and delays to military base operations.

The following Air Forces are currently using the FOD*BOSS:

United States Air Force
Belgian Air Force
Chilean Air Force mission
Finish Air force
Italian Air Force
Royal Australian Air Force
Royal New Zealand Air Force
Royal Air Force
Spanish Air Force
Swiss Air Force

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