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A revolutionary new system of removing FOD that sweeps faster and more efficiently than ever before. This remarkable speed sweeper controls FOD (Foreign Object Damage) such as nuts & bolts, washers, rivets, stones, loose baggage hardware, sand & empty drink containers.

The FOD*BOSS works by capturing debris as it passes over the tarmac. The force of friction and a series of specially designed brushes scoop up foreign objects and hold them in an easy to empty mesh capture zone.

Moon Phase Wall Planner

Order your FOD*BOSS Moon Phase Wall Planner here. Send us your name and postal address via email or Facebook Message, wherever in the world you are, and we’ll send you either 1 or 2 Wall Planners FREE of charge!  

iPhone/iPad App

Available on the App Store

Track and log your FOD*BOSS sweeping operations on your device and transfer your data on to a secure log-in database. 


Watch video demonstrations of the FOD*BOSS.


We tested The FOD* Boss on Friday. This thing is unreal! Picks up everything…..
— Barksdale AFB, Louisiana USA.